The Dino Man Turns 60 - and Offers 10 Short Training Tips for You!

Age 60 today - still training - and still having tons of fun!

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

Well, it's my birthday. I officially
turn 60 today.

So far, 60 feels pretty good.

It does get you to thinking,

I mean, after all, that's a lot of
candles on the birthday cake.

So I thought I'd celebrate by
giving you a quick list of 10
short strength tips for you.

1. Train your entire body.

Not all in one workout, but
don't neglect anything. The
goal is zero weak spots.

a. That includes your neck,
grip and gut.

Stand on your feet when you train. Ground-based training is one of the keys to strength training success.

2. Stand on your feet for most
or all of your training.

a. Ground-based training is one
of the keys to strength training

3. Use barbells, dumbbells, kettle-
bells, or whatever you like - but
USE them!

a. In other words, train.

b. Don't argue about what is best,
and don't agonize over what to do.
Just train.

4. Everything works, but some
things work much better than

a. Hard work and heavy iron is
hard to beat.

Wherever you train, do it with concentration, focus and intensity.

5. Everything works, but some
things work better for different
people. Find what works best for

a. That said, stay away from the
silly stuff.

6. Do the things you need to do,
not the things you like to do.

a. Or, as Bob Hoffman put it, "Do
what you should before doing
what you like."

7. That said, find things you
enjoy doing - or equipment you
enjoy using - and give them
your all.

a. If you enjoy your training,
you're much more likely to
stay with it.

8. No one workout or system of
sets and reps works best for
everyone - and what works best
for YOU will change over time.

a. I'm always amazed by how many
people don't get this.

Have fun when you train. Sure, it's hard work - but make it fun!

9. Be open to new ideas, but don't
fall for the silly stuff.

a. Squats on roller skates is silly

b. Even if you see it on Facebook,
YouTube or Instagram.

c. And even if it gets a zillion looks,
likes, hits, comments, followers, or

10. Train drug free, supplement free,
and fad free.

a. In other words, trust your workout.
It will do the job.

Wow, that turned out to be 23 if we
count the sub-parts. I'll have to do this
again when I turn 70 - maybe I'll come
up with 40 or 50 of them!

Anyhow, it's a good day here at Dino
Headquarters - and wherever you are,
I hope it's a good day there, as well.

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

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