How the Old-Timers Trained

We can learn a tremendous amount about real world, drug-free strength training and muscle-building by studying the old-time champions.

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

I got an email the other day asking which of
my books and courses give the exact training
programs of the top old-time strongmen,
and Golden Age bodybuilders and weight-

That's a good question, and it deserves a
multi-part answer.

First of all, everyone who has ever trained
has used many different programs over the
course of his career.

There's no way that Arthur Saxon or John Marx
always used the same workout from the first
time he touched a barbell until the day he

There's no way anyone does. That's because
things change as you move from beginner to
intermediate to advanced levels of strength
and development.

Things also change as we age. I doubt that
many men have trained the same at age 60
as they did at age 20. I certainly don't.

Second, many trainees go to the gym with
a general idea of what they are going to
do, and then they vary the actual workout
according to how they feel.

So that makes it more or less impossible
to say they have a particular workout they
always follow.

Third, our records are very sketchy on the
old-timers. We may know something about
their workouts, but we don't always know

The old books and courses may give workouts
that the old-timers recommended - but the
recommended workouts are usually for

The most important thing we gain from the
old-timers are training principles.

We can use those training principles to
create workouts of our own.

And that's what I do in all of my books and
courses. I don't give you the exact training
program that Eugene Sandow followed be-
cause there's no such thing. But I can give
you training principles that Sandow used.

That said, back to the question.

I think Strength, Muscle and Power and
Dinosaur Training are the best books to
get a good overview of how the old-timers

Strength, Muscle and Power, for example,
gives you a ton of training tips from Arthur
Saxoin, George F. Jowet, Herman Goerner,
Reg Park, William Boone, John Grimek and

Both books also have exact training programs
to try.

So for anyone interested in the old-timers
and how they trained, you can't do better
than by grabbing Strength, Muscle  and
Power and Dinosaur Training.

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

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P.S. 3. Thought for the Day

"Study the strongmen of the past and
learn all you can about how they trained."

- Brooks Kubik


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