The Dinosaur Christmas Story - Part 4

World champion Lou Thesz has his opponent in some serious trouble - I hope our masked man stays out of trouble as we continue our Christmas story!

Note: This is part 3 of the 2018 Dinosaur
Christmas story. If you missed parts 1 and 2,
they're posted on the Dinosaur Training Blog;
be sure to read them first to follow the story
in the proper sequence.

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And now, let's get on with the story . . . . things are
getting exciting . . . and that wrestling promoter is
starting to become a real jerk . . . .

The Masked Man's Christmas (Part 4)

The wrestling promoter slammed his hand down on the

"I don't care how much damage those crazy fans did
last week!" he shouted. "This match will pay for all
of it and more!"

"Do you think?" asked the man who owned the

"I KNOW it! The fans hate him. They'll fill the seats
to see him get beat!"

"I don't know. Last time was a mess. It took forever to
clean up."

The third man at the table laughed.

"We'll charge double the usual for the tickets," he said.
"We'll be the ones who clean up!"

"Can you do that?" asked the auditorium manager.

"Who's gonna stop us? The Commission? I don't think
so! Not with what we've got on them!"

"It doesn't seem right doing that on Christmas Eve!"

"That's the whole point! There's never before in the
whole history of wrestling been a Championship match on
Christmas Eve. Not here, not in New York, not anywhere!"

"Yeah, but do you think they'll come? I mean, it's
Christmas Eve -- and people have stuff to do -- and they
want to be home with their families!"

The promoter shook his head.

"Nuts to that!" he said. "They want to see the mystery man
beat within an inch of his life. They want to see him busted
up. Maybe see his leg get broke. That's what we gotta give

"On Christmas Eve?" asked the auditorium manager.

"Why the hell not?"

"But it's Christmas Eve!"

"Right, and it's gonna be Christmas a day early for us when
we pack the place like sardines in a can!"

"At double the usual price!" added the third man.

"Right!" said the promoter.

"And you promise you'll cover any damage if there's another
riot?" asked the auditorium owner.

"Of course I will," said the promoter.

"Put it in writing!" demanded the owner.

He pulled out his standard contract and shoved it across the table.
The promoter signed the document without reading it, and flipped it
back to the owner.

"There's your signature," he said.

The owner nodded. He took the contract, put it into a big yellow
envelope, and put the envelope into his safe.

He closed the door of the safe, spun the dial on the combination,
and turned back to the other men.

"Are you really gonna break his leg?"

The two men smirked and exchanged quick sideways glances.

"Not us! We won't do it!"

"But you'll tell the Champ to do it."

The promoter shook his head.

"You misunderstand me. I don't tell the Champ to do anything. It's
just that sometimes -- in a big match -- things happen."

The other man nodded.

"Things happen," he said.



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