A Complete Guide to Effective Barbell Training

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

If you missed yesterday's bombshell
announcement, here it is again:

Bill Hinbern has just released a
reprint of one of the very best
weight training books ever written.

It was my personal favorite when I
was a in high school. I read it over
and over until I had pretty much
memorized the entire book.

The author was Bradley J. Steiner --
who ranks as one of the all-time great
writers in the history of the Iron

The title of the book was pretty

A Complete Guide to Effective Barbell

Peary Rader, the founder of Iron Man
magazine and the editor and publisher
of the magazine for 50 years, printed
and sold the book. I bought my copy
from Peary Rader.

I don't know how many copies Peary
printed, but it probably wasn't very
many. Once they were sold, that was it.

The book went out of print and it has
been out of print for almost 30 years.

It was so rare that you simply could
not find a copy.


It was like the fabled Lost Dutchman
Gold Mine out in the desert -- incredibly
valuable, but impossible to find.

But that's all over and done with.

The book is back -- courtesy of Bill
Hinbern, who has just done a great looking
reprint edition -- with full authorization,
I might add -- and that means you can do
TODAY what I did when I was back in high
school so many years ago -- you can grab,
read and benefit enormously from A Complete
Guide to Effective Barbell Training.

Go here to order your copy:


Yous in strength,

Brooks Kubik

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P.S. 2. Thought for the Day: "A good barbell,
a few good books, and you're set for life."
-- Brooks Kubik