An Update from Dr. Ken!

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

As I've mentioned before Dr. Ken Leistner
and his wife Kathy have been working round
the clock to help victims of Hurricane
Sandy. The storm wiped out Dr. Ken's
hometown, and it's been a real effort
to keep people fed, clothed, dry
and warm.

Dr. Ken and Kathy have focused on helping
kids in their neighborhood who have lost
their homes and everything else. The kids
have been staying in a neighborhood church,
and it's been a struggle just to find
clothes, food, water and basic supplies
for them (toothpaste, soap, paper prods,

Many Dinos have sent clothes, supplies
or wampum to help out. See the P.S. in
this email for info on how to help do
your part.

In the meantime, here's an update from
Dr. Ken:

"To All of Those in the Lifting Sports
who have publicized our situation and
those who have mobilized so many others,
thank you very much and allow me to
update you, those generous enough to
donate, and your readers:

The reclamation effort is slow and slowed
by an inability to get permission to
restore electric in many parts of East
Rockaway, Island Park, and Long Beach.
Water, sewage, and sand damage has
caused FEMA and LIPA, the local power
authority, to approve restoration of
electrical service, thus there are
many who cannot clean and repair
their homes and they are living
without electrical power, heat,
and in some cases, useable water.

On the positive side, everyone in the
area has enough clothing and we are
thankful for that. Of course, once
the cold weather comes, it will prove
to many that while people are clothed,
they may not be adequately clothed.
With the monetary donations I have
received both in my name and for the
Lakeview Youth Federation, Kathy and
I have personally purchased, and then
given to the coaches and Athletic
Director of Long Beach and East Rockaway
High Schools for distribution, socks,
under garments, tee shirts, sweat shirts,
and gloves. Our office remains a
de facto relief center with adolescents
coming in to request and try on various
items of clothing or take needed
toiletries. We have continued to
fill and empty four bins of toothpaste,
tooth brushes, and related items in the
past two weeks.

With the donation of 240 cases of One Source
Nutrition Drink through the gracious effort
of Cincinnati Reds Strength and Conditioning
Coach Matt Krause, a former area resident who
wanted to assist his former friends and
neighbors, we have distributed the load
through the church that is our immediate
neighbor and to the students via the coaching
staffs of East Rockaway and Long Beach High
Schools. I would appreciate it if those who
have mentioned our plight on their web sites
would get the news to their readers and
followers so they know we are all grateful,
appreciative, and blessed by their

Dr. Ken"  

And that's the report from Dr. Ken. Thanks
for reading -- and if you can, please help
out with a donation. At the very least, pls
post this on Facebook or just print it out
and post in a gym wall somewhere. Do whatever
you can to spread the message.

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

P.S. You can do your part by sending a check
or money order to Dr Ken at the below address.
Make the check or money order payable to

Dr. Ken Leistner
307 Ocean Ave
East Rockaway, NY 11518