A Dino-Style Birthday Workout!

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

Jim Duggan is one of those legendary
guys in New York City who puts the
steel in the word strong.

He's a powerlifting and strongman
champ, a Captain in the New York
Fire Department, and an all-around

And if that weren't enough, he wrote
something like 24 killer articles for
the Dinosaur Files newsletter.

Jim follows in the footsteps of Jack
LaLanne, and always does a special
workout to celebrate his birthday.

Here's the report for this year:

"Hey Brooks,

Just thought I would shoot you an
email. I figured you of all people
would appreciate what I did for my
49th birthday yesterday.

I decided to challenge myself with
just three movements:

1. 180 lb. granite sphere -- lift to
shoulder for 50 reps

2. Dips -- 200 reps total, performed
in sets of 10

3. 1 mile walk wearing an 84-lb. vest

I supersetted the dips and stone lifts.
I did 10 dips, then went outside and
did 3 stone lifts. I kept going like
this until I hit 42 reps in the stone
lift, at which point I did sets of 2.
The hardest part was the skin on my
forearms beginning to tear.

Cascading sweat and the occasional
bit of dirt in my eyes didn't help,
but there was no way I was going to

The dips started getting hard around
170, but I was able to complete the
two movements in a little over an

After a short rest, I put on my
84-lb vest on, and went for a
leisurely (yeah, right!) stroll
around the neighborhood.

My biggest concern was the neighbors
would think I was crazy. New York is
in the middle of a heat wave, and no
sane person would go walking with an
additional 84 lbs. on his back.

This morning my entire body is aching,
my forearms are sore and covered with
stone rash, and I feel as if I was hit
by a truck -- and I wouldn't trade this
feeling for anything in the world.

Hope all is well with you and the rest
of the Dinos, and that your training
is going strong.

Jim Duggan"

Jim -- Happy birthday and thanks for
sharing the workout. It sounds like a
great one.

To everyone -- I hope Jim's birthday
workout inspires you to hit it hard
and heavy!

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

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P.S. 3. Thought for the Day: "Embrace
the challenge." -- Brooks Kubik