The Look of Power!

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

I had a great time yesterday doing an
interview on Carl Lanore's SuperHuman
Radio Show. If you missed the live show,
you can download the broadcast right

We talked about building strength and
muscle mass with old-school training

Carl mentioned a guy at his gym who
doesn't want to build strength. He
just wants to look good.

So he pressure pumps his pecs, triple
bumps his biceps and double bumps
everything else.

You know the kind of workout he does:
lots of different exercises, most of
them isolation exercises, lots of work
on exercise machines, low weight, high
set, high rep, high volume.

That's what most people do when they
"train" and it's about as real as a
fake sun tan.

And about as useful.

And it's a shame, because if you train
the right way, you end up looking good,
feeling good and being as strong as a

Training the right way means working
hard and heavy on the basic exercises,
with the primary goal of increasing
your strength.

You focus on the BIG exercises because
they're the ones that build the most
strength -- and they do it fast and

You know the exercises I mean: squats,
standing presses, deadlifts, barbell
bent-over rowing, bench press or incline
press -- and Olympic lifting for those
who do Olympic lifting.

You do multiple sets of low to medium
reps on most exercises. You may do sets
of 5 reps -- or triples -- or doubles --
or singles. If you do OL work, you do
triples, doubles and singles on most

You train 3 times per week for perhaps
an hour to 90 minutes per workout.

You focus on your training. You use
concentration and visualization before,
during and after your workouts.

You train for quality, not quantity.

And over time, you end up pretty darn
strong -- and you look pretty darn good.

You end up looking like a lifter. You
have the look of power.

Personally, I wouldn't settle for anything

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

P.S. 1. Dinosaur Training covers my kind
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P.S. 3. Thought for the Day: "Keep it heavy,
keep it progressive, keep it real." -- Brooks