A Super-Inspiring Dinosaur Training Success Story!

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One quick note, and then we'll cover one of
the best success stories you'll ever see.

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2. A Dinosaur Training Success Story

I rec'd the following email message last
night - and I knew at once that I wanted
to share it with you:

Hi Brooks,

I thought after all you have given me
through your writings and passion for
helping others, the least I can do is give
you the feedback you requested.

First, a bit about me. I am a veteran of
both Iraq and Afghanistan, and also a
heart attack survivor. I survived what is
known in some countries as a widow
maker, and I had to be re-started 12

I have trained most of my life, and I had
made great gains from following the
routines in Dinosaur Training.

After my heart attack at the ripe old age
of 37 (it was a bit of an anomaly, and also,
I had a heart murmur which may or may
not have been a contributing factor), I
lost a lot of confidence in pushing it to
the limit. I still trained, but with the
brakes on.

When my son was less than one year old,
I bought him a copy of Dinosaur Bodyweight
Training, which you kindly autographed for
him and wrote some encouraging words,
which I will always be grateful for. Thank

I decided that for my son to believe and
learn from this stuff early on, I would have
to be the kind of man, a Dinosaur, who
leads by example, and follow these
programs myself.

So I started with the basic bodyweight program
in your book, and decided to do it for at least
50 sessions. I did, and my strength and my
confidence grew by leaps and bounds.

After that, I went on another program from
the same book for 50 sessions, and then I did
another program from your book, Chalk and

The lessons I learned, and to be honest, the
fun I had from getting back into my training,
was a true gift.

Old injuries have eased up. I can play easily
with a near three-year old bruiser and a
fesity five-year old princess. I have gained
from 195 pounds to a trim 210 pounds.

You have had such a positive effect on my
life, and led me to be stronger so that I may
have a more positive effect on my children,
and teach them the lessons you have given
your life to teaching. Please accept my sincere
gratitude for all that you have done for me.

Yours in iron,

Cam B.

Cam - Thank you for your very moving and
inspiring report. I am very glad to have been
a part of your success story - and to see that
you are working so hard and so well to pass
the message along to your children and

We have many different kinds of Dino success
stories. Some Dinos have become champions
in their chosen sport - we've even had some
National and World champions. Others have
gained tons of muscular bodyweight and
increased their strength enormously. Some
have lost many pounds of flab.

Others, like yourself, have used Dino-style
strength training to come back from an
illness or serious injury. That's not easy
to do - but it's possible - and it's one of
the most inspiring success stories there
can be.

Thanks again for sharing this, and best
wishes for your continued success.

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

P.S. Dinosaur Bodyweight Training is a great
way to make a come-back - or to get started -
or to build some old-school strength and


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P.S. 3. Thought for the Day: "It's never easy,
but it's always possible." - Brooks Kubik