How Does Your Training Make You Feel?

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One quick note, and then we'll talk training.

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2. How Does Your Training Make You

Bob Hoffman had a great way of explaining
how strength training affects your body.

It doesn't just build your muscles.

It strengthens your internal organs, as well.

It improves circulation. Nourishes and fortifies
the blood.

It improves your digestion, and your ability
to assimilate the food you eat.

It strengthens your heart and lungs, and
improves your breathing.

Strengthens your nerves.

In other words, strength training builds your
body from the inside out. It makes you a bigger
and stronger man -- and a healthier man.

Hoffman and all of the other pioneers of the
Iron Game placed tremendous emphasis on
the health-building aspect of strength training.
That's why Hoffman published a magazine
called "Strength and HEALTH."

It's why the title of his first book was "How to
Be Strong, HEALTHY and Happy."

The idea of training for looks alone -- or even
for strength alone -- without radiant good health
to go with it would have been totally foreign to
Hoffman, Jowett, Calvert, Rader, Peary and
Paschall. It would have been foreign to ALL
of the old-timers.

In short, one of the benefits of old-school
training was that it made you FEEL better.

So back to the question in the title.

Does your training make you feel better?

Mine does.

I finished a one hour workout the other night,
and when it was over, I felt like the proverbial
million dollars.

And I feel pretty good most of the time. I won't
say (as Hoffman did in his later years) that I'm
a candidate for "World's Healthiest Man," but I
do okay.

And my workouts play a major role in how I feel.

Yours should do the same for you. And if you're
training the right way -- with plenty of stand on
your feet old-school strength training, they will.

Just be sure you avoid the over-training thing
that we talked about yesterday. Over-training is
a one-way ticket to making you feel BAD instead
of GOOD. See Gray Hair and Black Iron for more
information on over-training and how to beat it:

Diet and nutrition is also a key component of
feeling strong and healthy. Knife, Fork, Muscle
tells you what to eat for strength and health:

As always, thanks for reading, and have a
great day. If you train today, make it a good
one -- it's putting money into your health

Yours in strength (and health),

Brooks Kubik

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P.S. 3. Thought for the Day: "Hit the iron --
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