Learning How to Train the Right Way

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

We'll talk training in just a minute, but let
me begin by covering some big news:

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2. Learning How to Train

On the training front, here's a great
email from Flint Long, a 65-year old
Dino who did things the wrong way
for many years - but then learned
how to train for real results:


I started when I was 19. Now I'm
65. For years I followed the split
routines in the magazines, but I
was natural (drug-free), and never
made the progress I hoped for.

I would pyramid four sets in the
typical order 12/10/8/6 reps.

I always tried to handle too much
weight, and didn't attach much
importance to good form.

Does that sound like a typical young
guy? I think it does!

After I started reading your stuff, I
focused on basic exercises such as
squats, deadlift, bench, and military

I train 3 days a week, using good form
and moderate weights. Sometimes I go
heavy and sometimes moderate, but
never light.

I seem to get stronger and to handle
progressively more weight by training
with moderate weight and perfect form,
as opposed to heavy weight and sloppy
form. (Less risk of injury, too.) Tell that
to the young guys doing squats on roller
skates, as you once put it.

I do 5 x 5, and I rarely train to failure.

I am stronger now than ever before in
my life. All my lifts are going up.

Keep up the good work!


Thanks for your report, Flint. It sounds
like you folowed the typical path - muscle
media silliness and no results for many
years - and then you learned how to
train the right way - and now look where
you are!

I hope your message inspires others to
give Dino-style abbreviated training a

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

P.S. Remember to grab the Dinosaur Files.
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P.S. 3. Thought for the Day: "Dino-style strength
training has been working great for trainees
around the world for many years. Give it a try
and see what it does for you!" - Brooks Kubik