The Passing of a Legend

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

I want to give you some news and updates
today - beginning with some sad news.

1. The Passing of a Legend

We lost Norb Schemansky.  The four-time
Olympic medal winner (one gold, one silver,
and two bronze medals) passed away on
September 7 at (I believe) age 92.

Here's a link to a wonderful tribute to
Norb Schemansky at the USA Weightlifting
website - complete with photos and some
video of "Skee" in action:

My good friend Bill Hinbern wrote a very
nice tribute to the champion. You can find
it at Bill's Facebook page. It has some of the
classic Schemansky stories - and it's very
well worth reading.

2. 11-11

In somewhat happier news, the Dino Nation
has a great film to watch - a short film by
director Keith Rivers - starring my daughter,

It's called 11-11 - and it's being released
today on vimeo at exactly 11-11. (Not sure
if that is Eastern time or what, but I'm sure
about the 11-11 part.)

Here's the trailer for it - take a look, and then
be sure to look for the complete film later
today, after the release:

Trudi was able to see it yesterday, as a special
"for mom only" advance screening, and she was
in tears afterwards. It's a very beautiful, very
moving film. Needless to say, we're proud
parents today.

3. The Dino Files

We're finishing the little monster up, and we'll
be releasing it soon. I'll send an email with the
order link as soon as it's ready.

If you missed any of the earlier issues, go to
our products page and look for the PDF products
with electronic downloads:

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik