How to Change the World

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

I'm going to continue to share feedback
from your fellow Dinos on the topic of
the week - how to change the world,
a/k/a how to get younger trainees
interested in old-school, sane, sensible
and effective strength training.

But before doing that, I want to share
a link for the August-September Dino
Files - with the cover photo and a
detailed list of the articles and features
in this issue:

It looks pretty good, and I think you'll
agree that the man on the cover deserves
to be there.

As for feedback from your fellow Dinos,
try this:

In response to your request for comments
on the majority of the younger generation not
realizing the power of Dinosaur Training, I would
like to talk about the moment of actualization,
which I define as the moment iin one's life
when a universal truth reveals itself and it
becomes knowledge to that individual.

As when the illiterate Frenchman discovered
he had been speaking prose his whole life.

Or when one truly learns how to properly 
train for strength - which is the knowledge
that Dinosaur Training contains - it's
foundation, if you will.

I am not sure when this moment happened
for me, but I do know I was Dinosaur
Training when it happened.

The methods it contains are many and varied,
but they all get you on the road of successful
and progressive strength training.

Maybe the younger folks who unsubscribed
are not interested in true strength, but rather,
the illusion of strength. Which is what all the
muscle comics promote - the illusion of

Don't worry, the entire Dino Nation will be
waiting to greet them and welcome them back
if and when they have a moment of actualization
and realize that what they are doing is not working
for them. Hopefully, that moment comes before
an injury sustained from over-training.

Remember that substance, which Dino Training
has, may not be popular but it never goes out
of style.

Greg Wilson

P.S. I don't know your benchmark for younger
Dinos. I'm guessing it is late teens to mid-twenties.
I am 33 and have been Dino Training since I
was 19, and I will be Dino Training for life!

Greg - Thanks  for your detailed and thoughtful
response. I agree 100% with everything you

Yes, those trainees in their teens and early twenties
are the ones we need to reach - to help them move
from the pseudo-stuff and the silliness to real
worlds, result producing and effective, old school,
progressive strength training.

It's a tough job - but together, we can do it.

And remember this: you change the world one
person at a time.

As always, thanks for reading and have a great
day. If you train today, make it a good one!

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

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P.S. 3. Thought for the Day: "If you're going
to train, why not do something that really
works?" - Brooks Kubik