A Special Bonus - The 10 Week Deadlift Program!

Rich Abbott pulls a heavy deadlift and sets a new Master's Record!

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

I just got a quick heads up on
something from my buddy John

John has released two excellent
Trap Bar Training Guides in
Kindle format.

One of the great things about
Kindle is that it lets you add to
a book very quickly and easily.

And that's what John is doing
with the Trap Bar Training
No. 2.

He's adding something new.

It's a 10 Week Training Program
for the Deadlift - and it's a really
good program - and it's perfect
for Trap Bar training.

If you already have a copy of
the Trap Bar Training Guide
2, you'll be able to read
the new material as soon as
it loads.

In other words, your current
copy will update automatically.
If you don't have a copy, go
ahead and grab one asap. The
10 Week Deadlift Program will
either be in the book by the
time you read this post or will
go in automatically a little later.

Here's the link:

Trap Bar Training Book No. 2


Also - if you missed the Trap
Bar Training Guide No. 1,
go here to grab it:

Trap Bar Training Book No. 1


Be sure to leave a review after
you read the book(s) - the reviews
really help.

Happy reading - and happy

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik