How to Add Three Inches of Muscle to Your Quads - Fast!

John Grimek would have liked the training program described in today's Blog post - in fact, he used something very similar as a young man!

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

Everyone wants to build their arms
when they start training.

You know - the old "baseball biceps"
and "horseshoe triceps" thing.

The "big guns."

The "pythons."

Now, there's nothing wrong with
wanting to build bigger and
stronger arms (heck, I've written
several courses about how to do it).

But leg specialization is better and
more important.

Add an inch or two - or even three -
to your upper thighs, and you'll
literally transform your body.

You'll be bigger, thicker, stronger and
more muscular - better conditioned -
and those T levels that everyone
worries about nowadays will go
right through the roof!

That's why I like to include leg
specialization programs in The
Dinosaur Files strength training

And the Sept-Oct issue has a very
good one.

It's a very unusual program built
around the 20-rep breathing squat.

Now, that may sound like something
you already know about - but it isn't.

This one is different.

It starts different than the standard
program - and it includes a unique
and very effective progression

And it works.

How well?

Get this.

The Dino who used it added THREE
INCHES of muscle to each thigh.

He also doubled his strength in the
20-rep squat - and increased his
endurance enormously.

And that's something worth reading

The Sept-Oct issue of The Dinosaur
Files is right here - in a downloadable
PDF format with immediate electronic

Check it out - and give the program
a try.

I want to see more Quadzillas walking

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik