The Answer to 271 Training Questions!

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

(Note: Regular readers will remember this
message from a year or two ago -- which makes
an oldie -- but it's definitely a goodie!)

I received 271 emails last week from people
who had diet or training questions.

They fell into the following broad categories:

1. "HELP! I can’t gain any size. What should I

2. "Please HELP! I can’t get stronger. Give me
a program."

3. "My diet is lousy. What should I do?"

4. "I can’t get motivated to train, Pleas help

5. "My coach tells me I should do such and so –
what do you think?"

6. "Help! I don’t know what to do."

7. "I’m training to get bigger and stronger as fast
as possible. I have a mixed martial arts match
next week against an 800 pound gorilla. Yes, it’s
a real gorilla. I am doing this to help the zoo
raise money, so it’s a charity fight. Don’t worry,
I love animals, and I won’t hurt the gorilla.

7A. I am doing a powerlifting contest the next day and
I want to set a world record. I also want to have
a 28- inch waist, with 1 percent body-fat, although
I would settle for 2 percent if I had to. However,
I need 24-inch upper arms with double-peaked base-
ball biceps.

Plus, I am running a marathon next week and want to
try to break into the top ten this year in world
marathon races, although I have not done much
running lately.

7B. I also have sugar cravings, and was wondering if
the chocolate milk diet would be good for me.

7C. Can you give me a good program?

7D. Also – what supplements do you recommend, and how
often should I take them, and what is the best
exercise for the upper inner head of the triceps,
and how often should I train my legs if I want to
win the Mr. Everything title this year, and what
is the best color of sun-glasses to wear for building
maximum muscle density, and is it better to eat when
you are hungry or when you are not, and is water good
for you, what is the best way to train when the sun
is in Capricorn and the moon is in Virgo, and what
do you think about breathing? I heard it was good for
you -- breathing, I mean."

Actually, no. 7 was unique – it was the only one in
the “I’m fighting a gorilla” category – but it had
so many questions that it deserved a category of
its own.

Anyhow, my answer to each of the questions was
exactly the same:

“Abbreviated training -- basic, compound exercises --
train hard -- be consistent -- don't miss workouts --
and add weight to the bar on a regular basis. Stop
looking for a magic program. There's no such thing.
Instead, focus on making each workout better than
the last one."

That’s pretty much my answer to everything now.

The solution to virtually every training question
under the sun is to start training the RIGHT WAY.
Not the way they teach you in the muscle comics –
not the way they talk about in the internet forums –
and not the way that everyone else trains – but the

Once you sort out your training --- once you start
doing it RIGHT – everything else is easy.

I’ll give you a very simple example:

Guy wants to know what kind of protein supplement
to use.

Guy doesn’t train his legs or back.

Guy needs to start doing squats and deadlifts and
bent-over rowing and shrugs and power cleans.

When guy starts to do squats and deadlifts and bent-
over rowing and shrugs and power cleans, guy will get
bigger and stronger very fast – and it doesn’t matter
what kind of protein supplement he uses, or even
whether he uses one.

Anyhow, I had 271 emails with training questions last
week. And the answer to each one was the same.

The answer is always the same.

It’s all about how you train.

Thanks for reading, and have a great day – and if you
train today – make it a good one.

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

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