We're Getting Down to the Wire!

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

This week is our big push to get Holiday
orders out in the mail -- so if you're
planning on ordering a book, course,
DVD, DVD set, hoodie, t-shirt, sweat
shirt, muscle shirt, back issues of
the Dinosaur Files newsletter, or a
subscription to the Dinosaur Files,

Also -- if you want me to autograph a
book or course for you, pls include a
note asking for an autograph in the
Special Instructions section of the
on-line order form.

There's no charge for an autograph,
but if you want one, you need to ask
for it.

In other Dino news:

1. I'm finishing up a great new training
course. Details to follow very soon.

1A. I took a poll last summer asking what
you would most like to see in a training
course -- and one particular topic was far
and away the number one choice of readers --
and that's what we're covering in the
new course.

2. The December issue of The Dinosaur Files
newsletter ran a bit late this month. It's
at the printer, and we should be able to mail
it out tomorrow or Thursday. It's another
great issue, with tons of Dino-style training
advice, including the legendary 33/55 Program.

3. Many of you have been asking about vol. 6
in the Legacy of Iron series. It will be coming
out in 2012 -- and the action will be fast and
furious, just like the first five books in the

4. We're almost out of Dinosaur Training DVD's,
and the new ones won't get in until next week,
so it's strictly first come, first served on
them. If the DVD's are on your Holiday list, act



5. We're getting lots of orders for Dinosaur
Training hoodies, which are always popular items
at this time of year. They come in gray, black
and Dinosaur blue. Currently, we have all colors
and sizes in stock, although that can change quickly
depending on how many orders come in for a particular
color and size.


6. If you don't already have them, the Legacy of
Iron books make great Holiday gifts. You can save
some clams by ordering all five of the books
together. See the information page for Legacy of
Iron 5, Barbells in the Pacific.


7. Lots of readers are adding one or both of these to
their orders -- they're a little bit different, but
they're great reading and great fun --and they make
great Holiday prezzies:



There's more to report, but that's enough for now.

Remember -- help us help you -- by ordering early!

As always, thanks for reading, and have a great day.
if you train today, make it a good one.

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

P.S. I mentioned the Dinosaur Training Hoodies, but
forgot to mention these -- they're pretty popular, as


P.S. 2. Thought for the Day: "It's a power rack --
not a place to hang your gym towel!" -- Brooks Kubik