Impressive Stuff that Dinos Do!

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

I read something ages ago about a top strength
coach. I think he coached an NFL team -- or
perhaps a top college team. As I said, it was
ages ago, and I just don't remember. Nor do
I remember his name.

But I remember someone noting that this man
not only knew his stuff, he still did it. He
still trained. And he was in his mid-50's.

And although he may not have been out-lifting
his 20-something athletes, he was doing
something pretty impressive.

He was doing full squat snatches.

And as anyone who's ever tried to do a squat
snatch can tell you, they require strength,
power, speed, timing, coordination, balance,
flexibility, mobility, and athleticism.

So when the 55 year old strength coach gets
out on the platform and hits some squat
snatches, that's impressive. It doesn't have
to be a World record weight. Just doing them
is impressive.

I've always remembered that. It's one of the
things I think about when I go out to the
garage and do my Olympic lifting workouts.

And it made me think about other things that
people do that come under the "It's Impressive!"

So I started a list of Impressive Stuff that
Dinos Do. Here it is. See if you spot yourself
on it:

1. Squats. (Heavy. Sets and reps of your choice.)

2. Deadlifts. (Heavy. Sets and reps of your choice.)

3. The clean and press. (barbell, dumbbells, sandbags,
barrels or whatever.)

4. Arms-only rope climbing.

5. Any of the advanced workouts in Dinosaur
Bodyweight Training.

6. Heavy dumbbell training. (Emphasis on heavy.)

7. Thick bar training.

8. The farmer's walk.

9. Finishers.

10. Keeping at it after age 40 -- or 50 -- or

11. Teaching your children how to train.

12. Teaching your grandchildren how to train.

13. Learning new stuff to do -- whatever your age.

14. Using the same barbell at age 60 that you used
at age 12.

15. Entering your first powerlifting, weightlifting
or strongman comp.

16. Saying "no" to the roidskies.

17. Dropping 30 pounds and four inches off your gut
because you know it's good for your health.

18. Doing weight work AND some kind of conditioning
work because you know they BOTH do good things for

19. Growing as much of your own food as possible.

20. Having the greatest workout of your entire life
and NOT posting about it on Facebook.

There are many more -- send in your ideas and I'll
post the best ones!

As always, thanks for reading and have a great day.
If you train today, make it a good one!

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

P.S. If you want to move into the "It's Impressive"
category, start with the books, courses and DVD's
at the Dinosaur Training site. They'll get you there
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P.S. 2. I love the Post Office, but there's no sense
in paying extra clams for s&h. Order two or three
books or courses (or DVD's) at one time, and save
some serious wampum.

P.S. 3. Thought for the Day: "If people spent more
time making an effort, they'd spend less time making
excuses." -- Brooks Kubik