A Progress Report for Grimek fans!

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

I'll send an email later today with a training
tip -- but for right now, I need to update you
on my new training course covering John Grimek's
life, lifting and training.

The course is coming along REALLY FAST -- and it's
going to be REALLY GOOD.

I'm doing tons and tons of research for it, and
I'm finding some very interesting material.

One thing that comes through loud and clear is
this: John Grimek was no natural superman. He
started training at age 18, and he weighed all
of 120 pounds soaking wet. At the time, he could
only lift 95 pounds overhead.

In contrast, John Davis pressed 170 pounds the
first time he ever touched a barbell -- and he
was only 15 at the time.

Another striking thing is how much MIS-information
there is about Grimek's training. For example,
many people say that Grimek built himself up on
Mark Berry's breathing squat program. True or

Well, it's sort of true -- but it's also sort of

Or try this: Bob Hoffman always said that Grimek
used The 1001 Exercises to build his remarkable
physique. True or false?

Once again, the answer is a little of both.

Some articles state that Grimek trained every
day -- and some say that he trained three times
a day! True or false?

Once again -- you guessed it -- true in a way,
and false in a way.

It tells me that there's a real need for a course
that tells you how John Grimek REALLY trained. So
I'm very glad I decided to do the course.

Heck, I've been studying this stuff for over 40
years now -- and I'm learning new things as I
put the course together.

You also should know this:

I just finished the sales page for the course,
and we'll put it up on the website as fast as
we can. I'll send a link when it goes live --
so be looking for it -- and when you get it,
take immediate action.

Here's why:

I always offer a new book or course with a pre-
publication special. That lets me know how many
copies to order from the printer.

When I fill the orders, everyone who took
advantage of the pre-publication special gets a

In this case, we're going to give you a double
bonus. Why? Because it's John Grimek -- and John
Grimek DESERVES a double bonus!

And I'm even going to do more than that. This time,
I'm going to give a TRIPLE BONUS to everyone who
reserves their copy of the new course on the first
day that the sales page goes live.

So if you order during the pre-publication special,
you get a DOUBLE BONUS -- and if you order on day
number one, you get a TRIPLE BONUS.

Also, if you'd like me to autograph your course,
all you need to do is ask. (Do it in the Special
Instructions section of the on-line order form.)

I'm always honored to autograph a book or course
for you -- but you need to ask. And let me know
who to sign it for -- James or Jim, Mike or
Michael, etc.

If someone else orders the course for you, be
sure they ask for an autograph -- and that they
give me your name.

And no, there's no charge for an autograph --
Grimek never charged anyone for an autograph,
and neither do I.

So that's the update -- and yes, things are
moving forward at warp speed -- and it's gonna
be a great month for Grimek fans!

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

P.S. As I mentioned, the sales page for the
Grimek course will be going live very soon --
hopefully, in a day or two. In the meantime,
all of my other books and courses are right
here at Dino Headquarters:


P.S. 2. Remember -- if you want an autograph on
ANY of my books or courses, all you need to do
is ask!