Ultra-Abbreviated Workouts for Strength, Muscle and Power!

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

Many years ago, a man named William Boone
trained in his back-yard in Louisiana --
and became one of the very strongest men
in the entire world.

Boone had a unique approach to his workouts.
He followed what I refer to as ultra-
abbreviated training programs.

One exercise workouts.

Yes, you read that correctly. And it's not a

William Boone performed ONE exercise in his

At one time, he specialized on the bent press
and worked up to 300 pounds in the one arm
lift -- which ranked him as one of the
greatest bent pressers of all time.

Later, he specialized on the deadlift -- and
worked up to 700 pounds, which was a world
record at the time).

And still later, he specialized on the push
press and the jerk (taking the bar from squat
stands), and worked up to 420 pounds. At the
time, the world record in the clean and jerk
was just over 400 pounds,so Boone was handling
some pretty heavy iron!

Many would scoff at the idea of a one-exercise
workout -- but look what it did for William

In my own training, I often perform one exercise
workouts. I usually rotate between two or three
different workouts, hitting one on Tuesday, one
on Thursday and one on Sunday. That allows me to
specialize on several different movements at the
same time.

It works great. In every workout, I give 100% of
my strength and power to ONE exercise. I start
light, warm-up well, and work up to a heavy
weight -- and really hammer it. Then I rest,
and in my next workout, I do the same thing with
a different exercise.

There are many examples of one-exercise workouts.
Here's a good one for all-around strength and

Squat or front squat

Clean and press

Deadlift or Trap Bar deadlift

Now, that may not look like much, but think about
this: If you were to follow that program and work
hard and heavy and add 100 pound to your squat,
100 pounds to your deadlift, and 40 or 50 pounds
to your clean and press, think how much bigger and
stronger you'd be.

A one exercise program -- an ultra-abbreviated
training program -- can get you there -- FAST.
Look what it did for William Boone!

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As always, thanks for reading and have a great day.
If you train today, make it a good one!

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

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P.S. 2. Thought for the Day: "It's not about how much
you do -- it's about how you do it." -- Brooks Kubik