Meet the Coal Crusher!

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

As you know, I'm chained to the computer,
pounding away at the keyboard as I work on
the new course about John Grimek's life and
lifting -- and his training.

A little later in the week -- perhaps on
Wednesday -- I'm going to put up a special
sales page so you can go ahead and reserve
a copy during the pre-publication

Everyone who reserves a copy during the
pre-publication special gets a special bonus
when the course is printed and I fill the
orders. In fact, I think I'm going to do
a double bonus this time. Grimek deserves
a double bonus, don't you think?

I did take a short break earlier in the

One of my buddies came over, bringing one of
the coolest pieces of training equipment you've
ever seen. I off-loaded it off his truck --
which was quite a workout -- and it now sits
in the garage, staring with menace at the
other barbells and dumbbells.

What is it, you ask?

It's a coal crusher from a coal mine in West

What's a coal crusher?

Well, it's a great big iron ball.

It measures 32 inches when you slap a measuring
tape around it.

What it weighs, I don't know. But it's heavy.

They call it a coal crusher because they dump the
coal into a roller, and the ball's inside the
roller, and they spin it all around, and the
ball crushes the coal.

In other words, it's like an atlas stone --
but it's solid iron. And yes, it's gonna
be lots of fun in my workouts -- as long
as I don't drop it on my foot. A coal
crusher is one thing; a foot crusher is

I'll try to get a photo posted in the not
too distant future -- but for now, I need to
get back to work on that Grimek course!

I tell you, though -- I wonder what Grimek
would have done with a coal crusher?

Probably juggled the thing -- or maybe used it
for a quick game of volleyball with Steve

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

P.S. If you're busting at the seams about the
Grimek course, I've got some good news for
you -- you can start learning more about Grimek
and his training right now, without waiting
another minute!

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pressing power is featured in The Dinosaur
Military Press and Shoulder Power Course:

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in Dinosaur Arm Training:

3. I cover Grimek's favorite leg training program
in Chalk and Sweat:

4. Grimek is one of the featured characters in the
Legacy of Iron books -- and when you read them, it's
just like sitting down and talking heavy iron with
Grimek, Stanko, John Davis, Sig Klein, Harry Paschall,
Bob Hoffman and the rest of the Gang at the York
Barbell Club: