The Favorite Old-School Exercise for Strength and Power!

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

Back in the day, there was one
way and only one way to prove
you were strong.

You stood on your feet and lifted
a heavy barbell over your head.

It didn't matter what you could do
on other lifts. Other lifts were
great, and so were strongman stunts
like bending horseshoes, breaking
chains, ripping phone books in
half, and so on -- but to be a
strongman, you had to be able to
lift heavy iron over your head.

That's why the Military Press was
a part of Olympic Weightlifting
contests, and it's why the Military
Press was the most popular of the
three lifts for many years.

Many modern trainees don't do any
overhead pressing -- or don't do
enough of it -- or don't do it very
well. We've forgotten how to press,
and we've forgotten how to train the
press to build maximum strength and

Last year, I tried to help fix that
by writing The Dinosaur Training
Military Press and Shoulder Power
Course. It's a good course, and
many Dinos have read and enjoyed
it -- and gotten excellent results
from it.

But here's some seriously good
results from the course.

Chris Carle sent me the following
email about the Military Press
Course, which he ordered in
December, 2011:

"I ordered your Military Press course
last year, and I've improved my Press
in that time from 155 lbs. to 200
lbs. strict style military press
at a bodyweight of 205 lbs.

Before this, my shoulders were worn
out from bench pressing. Now they are
totally pain free.

I use the percentage program from the
course and train presses twice a week."

Now that's pretty good! A gain of 33%
in the press in just ten months of
training -- along with going from
"Ouch, my shoulders hurt!" to "Hey,
my shoulders feel fine!"

And (as you probably noted), Chris
is just 5 lbs. shy of hitting one of
those Magic Numbers in the press --
he weighs 205 lbs. and he's pressing
200 lbs. -- so he's going to hit a
bodyweight press any day now. And
that's pretty darn good!

Chris -- good job, and thanks for the
update and the progress report. Let me
know when you hit that 205 lb. press!

To everyone else -- until next time,
train  hard, train heavy and keep it

As always, thanks for reading and
have a great day. If you train today,
make it a good one!

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

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P.S. 3. Thought for the Day: "Forget what
they say in the history books. The Iron Age
didn't begin until men began lifting heavy
barbells over their heads." -- Brooks Kubik