The Secret Exercises!

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

Back in the 1940's, John Grimek
and Steve Stanko were training at
the York Barbell Club gym, and one
of Grimek's competitors in an
upcoming contest sent some spies
to watch them train and report on
their workouts.

The spies pretended to be regular
lifting and bodybuilding fans, and
went to the gym and stood back
against the far wall, hands in
pockets, watching intensely.

Back then, anyone could go to
the York barbell Club gym and
watch the champs train. The gym
was on the second floor of the
Strength and Health building at
51 North Broad Street in York.

So lots of people came to York
to watch the champs -- and that
made it easy for the spies to
blend right in.

So Griemk and Stanko went through
a hard workout -- and the spies
watched closely. They saw everything.

When the workout was over, the spies
high-tailed it out of the gym, got
in their car, and raced back to give
their report.

"What did you get for me?" asked the
man who had sent them.

"Nothing!" said the first spy.

"They were wise to us!" said the second

"Yeah, someone must have tipped them
off!" said the first agent.

Yes, Grimek and Stanko had fooled them.
They went through an entire workout from
start to finish, and didn't do a single
secret exercise.

Instead, they stuck to the basics.

The exercises everyone already knew.

The ones I talk about in all of my books
and courses.

They kept the SECRET exercises under wraps.
Probably went back at midnight to do them
in total darkness.

At least, that's what the spies thought.

You see, the spies thought Grimek and
Stanko MUST have been doing some sort of
secret exercises. And even to this day,
many people believe that to have been
the case. After all, Grimek and Stanko
are the only men in history to have won

1. The USA Senior National Weightlifting

2. The Mr. America title

3. The Mr. Universe title

So they must have been doing something
special in their workouts -- and to the
spies, that mean -- SECRET exercises.

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As always, thanks for reading and have a great
day. If you train today, make it a good one!

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

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-- Brooks Kubik