A Very Big THANK YOU to the Dinos!

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

I need to repeat that great big THANK
YOU to everyone who stepped up and
grabbed a copy of the May-June Dino
Files on Kindle.

We set a bunch of records:

1. More Kindle sales in one day than
any other day this year.

2. We made it into not one, not two,
but THREE Amazon Kindle Top 10

3. We made it all the way up to no. 2
on one Top 10 List - and hit 3 and 4
in the others.

4. Plus, we got our first Kindle review
for the Dino Files - and it was a great
one, five stars (the top ranking).

Of course, there's still time to join the
fun. Sprint on over and grab your copy
of the May-June Dino Files on Kindle:


If you prefer PDF courses, don't worry -
the PDF version of the May-June issue
will be up soon.

Also, if you grabbed the Kindle edition,
please post a brief review. They help us
enormously, especially with folks who
have never read The Dino Files before.

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik