George Eiferman's Super Leg Training Workout

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

One quick note, and then I'll tell you
about one of the most unusual - and
most difficult - leg workouts of all time.

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2. George Eiferman's Super Leg Workout

You probably know that George Eiferman
won the Mr. America Contest in 1948 --
and that he had one of the thickest, most
massive physiques of any of the old-time
bodybuilding champions.

He was strong, too -- and a good musician.
He used to do a stunt where he played a
trumpet with one hand while hoisting a
135 pound Olympic barbell over head with
the other hand.

And if a barbell wasn't handy, sometimes he
hoisted a pretty girl overhead with one hand,
while playing the trumpet with the other. Nice
work if you can get it -- and if you're strong
enough to do it!

When he won the Mr. America title, he was
training at John Fritshe's Gym in Philadelphia.
Fritshe was big on heavy leg training, so
George did plenty of squats. Sets of 10 and
sets of 20 were the order of the day.

But before that, he devised a unique leg
training workout of his own -- and I thought
I would share it with you.

Here's the story.

When he was 17, George joined the United
States Navy.

He had already started training, so he trained
with barbells and dumbbells whenever he was
on a ship that had a set of weights.

If there were no weights on board the ship,
he did curls with buckets of water.

He also did his special leg exercise.

He would go down to the "hold" and find a
100 pound bag of sugar and a 50 pound bag
of flour, and wrestle them up and onto his

Then he would climb the ladder from the hold
to the main deck -- with the 150 pounds of
sugar and flour on his back.

And then he'd climb back down -- still carrying
the extra weight.

And he'd go up and down the ladder as many
times as he could.

It sounds like a pretty good workout -- and clear
proof that "Where' there's a will, there's a weight --
and a way to train for strength, muscle and

You may not have access to a large ship, so
you may not be able to duplicate Eiferman's
workout exactly -- but you can get a heck of
a workout by putting a heavy sandbag on your
back and going out for a run -- or a walk -- or
walking (or running) up a hill or up some
stadium steps -- or by doing squats with it.

And when you do, think of George Eiferman
going up and down that ladder.

As always, thanks for reading and have a
great day. If you train today, make it a
good one!

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

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