Where to Find Real World Training Advice!

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

One of the crazy things about modern
strength training is that it's growing
more and more difficult to get real
world training advice.

That's my term for the no-nonsense
stuff that works for real people - as
opposed to the silly stuff you see on
social media, discussion boards and
the endless stream of look-alike on-
line articles that have largely replaced
the old "muscle mags."

Real world training is for those of us
who go to school, work a job (or two
jobs), take care of our families, and
still find time to train.

It's for those of us who have out-grown
the "I want to be Mr. Everything" mindset
we had when we were teenagers, and who
focus on training for lifelong strength and

It's for those of us who have seen the
fads, the trends, the fashions and the
promises - tried all the supplements
(and found that none of them worked) -
and who are committed to doing it
without drugs.

It's for those of us who respect and
admire the great champions of the past -
as well as the ordinary guys and gals who
never became champions but who trained
anyway and who helped make the Iron
Game grand and glorious.

It's hard to find that kind of information.

That's one reason that I publish the
Dinosaur Files newsletter. It's a great
way to help share real world training

Each issue has my own original articles,
but it also has articles, letters and training
tips from your fellow Dinosaurs around the
world. They share what works for them -
and just as importantly, what doesn't

And frankly, it's some of the best REAL
WORLD training advice that you'll find

We publish the Dinosaur Files in PDF
format - and beginning with the April
issue, in Kindle format, as well.

Here's the link for the PDF edition of the
May-June issue:


If you prefer Kindle, here's the link
to the Kindle edition for the May-June


You can find the links for the December,
January, February and March issues right
here, listed with our other PDF products:


The information in each issue is timeless,
and many new readers are doing the smart
thing and grabbing all of the issues. That
way, you don't miss anything.

If you already read The Dinosaur Files, you
know what I;'m talking about. If you don't
already read them give them a try. They're
your very best source of real world training

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik