Favorite Exercises of the Dinosaurs (Part 1)

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

We've received some great feedback in
response to my email about my favorite

Here are some of the favorite exercises
of your fellow Dinosaurs:

Three Good Ones!

Hi Brooks,

Three favorite exercises come to mind:

1. Farmer's carry with two 100 lb. sandbags

2. Overhead press with a 2" bar. Can't beat it!

3. Heavy pause front squats. Brutal!

All the best!

Rich Madigan

An Old School Favorite!

Handstand Pushups!  Very, very few people
can do them and they really make you feel
strong in the arms and shoulders.  These
really separate the men from the boys and
they can be trained progressively.

Charles Mitchell

Four Favorites - Including a Dr. Ken Special

Hi Brooks!

These are my favorite exercises.  Not in any
order, just the ones I like the best.

1. Push Press

2. Pulls

3. Front Squat

4. Stiff Leg Dead Lift on a block (knees are
slightly bent)  1x12 warm-up slow, then one
all out set 1 x 6  per Dr Ken.

Take care -  Rich Frisk

A Walk-Around Work-Around

Ordinarily, I would say that the deadlift is my
favorite exercise. However, I have recently
been battling with Patellofemoral syndrome
and so anything that really involves bending
of my knees causes pretty intense pain/swelling.

As a result, I have been searching for a good
multi-joint, compound move that could take
place of the deadlift temporarily. So, right
now, Farmers Walk has been my go to

It allows me to not have to bend my knees
much, so no pain, and it also allows me to
handle some respectable weight, so I still
get good indirect impact on the rest of my
body and metabolism.

Dustin Jones

Those are good choices! We have more emails
from the Dinos, and we'll share them soon. In
the meantime, don't be shy - shoot me an email
and let me know YOUR favorite exercises!

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

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P.S. 3. Thought for the Day: "Exercises are
the tools of the trade for a strongman. Use
the very best ones." - Brooks Kubik