Feedback on the 20-Rep Squat for Older Trainees

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

Last week I answered a question from
a Dino in his late 40's who had read
about the 20-rep breathing squat and
wanted to give them a try - for the
first time - as in, he had never done
them before.

Here are some of the emails I received
in response. Note that some older Dinos
are still using the 20 rep squat, and that
it works well for them - but they've been
doing it for a long time. That's much
different than trying it for first time
as an older trainee.

66-Year Old Dino Does 20 Rep Squats

Brooks, I am 66 and still do 20 rep squats.

I take a little longer to recover, I concentrate
more on form and I don't get any more sore
than I do from heavy weight sets.

I think the cardio is even better for me than
the heavy weight.

Jim Douglas

How a 58-Year Old Dino Does It

I read your piece on the 20 rep squat. I'm a
58 year old Dino, and while most of the time
my rep range in the Squat and Deadlift is in
the 1 to 5 rep range, about every 5 weeks I
have a week where 2 days a week I do 20 rep

I usually do between 210 and 225 depending
on how I feel that day, but the one thing I make
sure of, is that the 20 rep squat is my only
compound leg and back movement I do on
that day.

So I'll follow it up with a set of dumbbell
pullovers, dumbbell bench pressing or
weighted dips, dumbbell rows, ab work
and grip work.

So far all is good and I hope to continue
this for a long time.

Gordon Blake

Going Strong at 48!

Great advice about the squats Brooks, I’m a
48 year old dino and follow your training

I do have a few dings and dents but I’m still
making good steady progress using kettlebells
and my CoC grippers.

Reading your books and emails keeps me

Phil Jones

Jim, Gordon and Phil - Thanks for your
feedback. We'll be sharing more feedback
from your fellow Dinos in future emails.

To everyone else - I hope you have a great
day. If you train today, make it a good one!

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

P.S. Gray Hair and Black Iron is the number
one book for older trainees. Do you have
your copy?

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P.S. 4. Thought for the Day: "Train hard and
train smart - and as you get older, train
smarter." - Brooks Kubik