Squats, Steaks, Veggies and Much More!

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

Someone asked me if I knew a good book
about diet and nutrition for building strength
and muscle.

The question surprised me.


Because I wrote a book that covers this
EXACT topic.

Apparently, the guy who asked the question
didn't know about it.

So maybe other readers - particularly new
readers - are in the same boat. If that's
the case, perhaps I can clear things up
a bit.

Several years ago, I wrote a very detailed
book called Knife, Fork, Muscle. Here's
what it covers:

Knife, Fork, Muscle -- Table of Contents



1. How Much Protein Do You Need?

2. The Best Sources of High-Quality Protein

3. Eggs, Milk and Other Dairy Products

4. Plant-Based Protein Sources

5. Refined Carbohydrates and the Diseases
of Civilization

6. Fresh Green and Leafy Vegetables, Herbs
and Flowers

7. Potatoes and other Starchy Vegetables

8. Fresh, Canned or Frozen -- Conventional
or Organic?

9. Grow Your Own Vegetables!

10. The Grain Connection

11. Fresh Fruit and Fruit Juice

12. Much Ado About Fat

13. Food Allergies -- The Missing Piece of the

14. The Effect of Chemical Allergies on Strength
and Health

15. The Truth About Supplements

16. How to Use the Sample Menus and Diet

17. Special Advice for Gaining Weight

18. Special Advice for Losing Weight

19. Strength and Health Breakfasts

20. Strength and Health Lunches

21. Strength and Health Dinners

22. Recipes and Cooking Tips

23. The Wrap-Up

The little monster weighs in at nearly 400 pages,
and as you can see, it covers a ton of important
information -- and helps you sort your way through
all of the conflicting advice on diet and nutrition --
just like my other books and courses help you
sort your way through all the conflicting advice
on strength training and muscle building.

And, of course, it is NOT a "one size fits all" book
that tells you "Eat this!" and "Don't eat that!"

One size fits all doesn't work very well in the real
world. So I give you many different ideas and
suggestions, and help you put them together
into an optimal diet and nutrition plan that's
best for YOU!

I shared that information with the guy who asked
the question. I hope he grabs the little monster.

It will help him.

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

P.S. You can find Knife, Fork, Muscle right here
at Dino Headquarters: