Thanks for the Great Reviews!

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

Last week we released the May-June
issue of The Dinosaur Files on Kindle.

We'll release the PDF version as soon
as we can. I'll send an email when it's

In the meantime, I wanted to give a
big shout out and thank you to the
three Dinos who posted reviews on
our Kindle page.

They're great reviews, and they mean
a lot to us.

The reviews really help us - and they
help new Dinos to be find us.

Here's how it works.

If you're looking for books and courses
that tell you how to build strength and
muscle, the Amazon search engines
start to send you suggestions.

The suggestions are based in part on
what Amazon thinks people are interested

If a book or course has some reviews,
that tells Amazon that people like them -
and that they like them enough to take a
minute and post a review.

And if it's a five star review, that's even

Plus, it helps if other Dinos start hitting
the "I found this useful" button that follows
each of the reviews.

That tells Amazon that people are reading
the reviews - and agreeing with them.

So the more reviews we have, the more
likely it is that some newbie out there
will get a nudge from Amazon.

It will be a "Try this!" nudge.

And our newbie will take a look and think,
"The Dinosaur Files? I wonder what that
is . . . "

And he hits the link, and takes a look.
And that's how we might end up with a
brand new member of the Dino Nation.

Of course, the reviews also help when
the newbie lands on our Kindle page -
because the reviews tell him something
very important.

They tell him that real people out there
are reading The Dinosaur Files - and
liking them - and getting great training
ideas from them.

And that might be all they need to give
the Dino Files a try.

Remember, we're competing against an
enormous mass, market muscle media
machine. The newbies get lost in all the
nonsense and all the silliness. Anything
we can do to help them find the Royal
Road to Muscle and Might will help
them enormously.

So to everyone who posted a review
on any of our Kindle pages - and there
are MANY of you - THANK YOU!

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

P.S. Go here to see the reviews that have
been posted for the May-June issue of the
Dinosaur Files - and if they are useful to
you, hit the "I found this useful" button
and tell Amazon that you agree with
the reviews:

And, of course, feel free to post a review
of your own!

P.S. Our other Kindle books and courses
also need all the reviews they can get -
and they need to know that the reviews
are useful. You can fins links to all of our
Kindle e-books right here:

P.S. 3. Thought for the Day: "Anything you do
to help spread the word about sane, sensible
physical training helps someone, somewhere -
and often it helps far more people than you
ever imagined." - Brooks Kubik