News, Notes, Updates and Questions for the Dinosaurs!

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

We're halfway thru the summer, and I hope
you've been enjoying it.

Here at Dino Headquarters, we've been very

Right now, we're working on two projects.

The first is to get the July issue of The Dinosaur
Files formatted and posted on our products page.

We're offering The Dinosaur Files in two different
formats now. One is PDF. The other is Kindle. We
have to format each one separately, so it takes
extra time. But we know that some of you prefer
PDF and others prefer Kindle, so we do it both

We switched to PDF and Kindle because postage
rates have gone through the roof, and PDF and
Kindle are the best way to get a high quality
magazine to our overseas Dinos every month
without breaking the bank.

I know some of you prefer a hard-copy news-
letter, but give the PDF and Kindle formats a
try. I think you'll like them.

The other project is - get this - the August
issue of The Dinosaur Files. Yes, I'm juggling
two issues right now. It's the only way to get
everything done.

Speaking of the August issue, I'm looking for
several things from the Dinos:

1. Comments, feedback, ideas and suggestions
to run in the Mesozoic Mail section.

2. Your feedback on the things you wished you
had done differently when you started your
training career.

a. In other words, the advice you would give
yourself if you could go back in time and talk
to the younger you when you were getting

3. Your feedback on things that have helped
you keep your shoulders healthy and strong -
or that have helped you come back from a
shoulder injury.

I'm doing articles on points 2 and 3, and the
more feedback, the better. One of the great
things about the Dino Files is that it gives us
a way to share tips and ideas from Dinos
around the world - and frankly, the Dinos
have lots of good ideas that you won't find
anywhere else.

Anyhow, the July issue will be ready soon.

I'll send a link when it's ready to order.
In the meantime, remember that all of
our back issues for the new Dino Files
are available for your reading pleasure.

The December 2015, Jan 2016, and March
2016 issues are available in PDF format only.

The April and May-June issues are available
in your choice of PDF or Kindle.

If you missed any of them, grab them now.

Each issue is a goldmine of real world, no
nonsense training information.

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

P.S. Go here to grab any issues of the Dinosaur
Files that you may have missed:

May-June issue (with PDF and Kindle links)

April Issue

PDF edition

Kindle edition

The December 2015 to March 2016 issues
are available in PDF editions at our Products
Page - look under the section for PDF products: