25 Impressive Things that Dinos Do!

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

When it comes to training, most people focus
on "the champions" and what the "champions"
are doing.

I tend to focus on the ordinary folks -- people
like you and me who love to train and who stick
to it through thick and thin, and who end up
pretty darn strong and pretty darn impressive.

For example, I read something years ago about
a top NFL strength coach who was in his mid-50's.

Someone saw him training one day.

He was doing squat snatches.

To me, that's impressive. He may not have been
setting a world record, and he may not have been
outlifting the much younger NFL players -- but he
was doing something very impressive.

As anyone who's ever tried to do a squat snatch
will tell you, the lift requires strength, power, speed,
timing, coordination, balance, flexibility, mobility
and athleticism. So when a 50-something-year
old coach steps onto the platform and hits some
squat snatches in perfect form, that's impressive.

I got to thinking about it, and I started a list of
Impressive Things that Dinos do. Here it is. See
if you can spot yourself on the list (and note
that you may be there more than once):

1. Lifting and carrying great big stones.

2. Giving a heavy sandbag the ride of its life.

3. Making great gains from your training even if
you only have time for one or two workouts a week.

4. Doing squats -- and doing them hard and heavy.

5. Any of the advanced workouts in Dinosaur
Bodyweight Training.

6. Heavy dumbbell training -- with the emphasis on
heavy. (See Dinosaur Dumbbell Training for details.)

7. Finishers.

8. Thick bar training.

9. Heavy partials in the power rack.

10. Keeping at it after age 40.

11. Keeping at it after age 50.

12. Keeping at it after age 60 and beyond.

13. Making a date with a special strength stone
somewhere in Scotland - or in Iceland.

14. Teaching your children how to train.

15. Teaching your grandchildren how to train.

16. Learning to do new stuff -- whatever your

17. Using the same barbell at age 60 that you
used at age 12.

18. Growing as much of your own food as possible.

19. Entering your first powerlifting, weightlifting
or strongman comp.

20. Saying "no" to roidskies.

21. Dropping 40 pounds and five inches off your
gut because you know it's good for your health --
and staying just as strong at your new bodyweight as
you were when you were heavier.

22. Focusing on lifelong strength and health.

23. Learning about the lives and lifting of the great
old-time champions -- and striving to match their
lifts in your own workouts.

24. Setting a good example for others.

25. Having the greatest workout of your entire life
and NOT posting about it on Facebook.

There are many more. Send in your ideas and I'll
post the best ones!

As always, thanks for reading, and have a great
day. If you train today, make it a good one!

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

P.S. No. 26 on the list is having a well-read copy
of Dinosaur Training on your bookshelf or in
your gym bag:


P.S. 2. Diet and nutrition is one of the keys to
lifelong strength and health -- and Knife, Fork,
Muscle covers everything you need to know about
healthy eating:


P.S. 3. My other books and courses are right
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P.S. 4. Thought for the Day: "The only person you
should be trying to impress is YOU." -- Brooks