Flying Under the Radar Screen!

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

For some reason, some of our books
and courses fly under the radar screen -
meaning that people don't seem to know
about them.

Our first PDF course is a good example.

It's a great little course - and because it
was our first PDF course we priced it super
cheap - as in, just five clams.

Here's what I said about it when we
launched the little monster late last year:

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

As promised, we have something new
and exciting for you.

It's something we've never done before,
but it's something I think you're REALLY
going to like -- and it's something that
can save you lots of clams on shipping
and handling, particularly if you're
one of our many overseas Dinos.

It's a brand new Dinosaur Training mini-
course -- and it's available as a PDF,
with immediate delivery.

It's not available in hard copy or as a
Kindle e-book. It's only available as
a PDF. (But you can print it out, so
it's the same as a hard copy course.)

Here's how it works . . .

When you order the little monster, you
get an email with a link to the PDF file.

You click the PDF link, and there it is,
ready to read.

And THEN -- print yourself a copy of
the course. And save the copy. Start
a notebook of them.

It's important to print a copy, because
the link expires in 24 hours.

The first course covers sensible and
effective strength training for older
Dinos, and contains a terrific training
program for older Dinos.

I chose that topic because I get so
many questions about it -- and because
older Dinos tend to be overlooked and
ignored by everyone else. Virtually all
of the training advice out there is for
the young guys -- and it largely
ignores the needs of older trainees.

And although I call it a mini-course,
it weighs in at a whopping 26 pages.

With photos, even.

So it's actually a pretty good-sized
course -- and it's all new material --
and it's available with immediate
delivery -- and there's no shipping

And get this -- the little monster
runs just five clams.

That's less than the cost of a grande
mocha frappacino with chocolate
sprinkles, whipped cream and a

If this is a hit (and I think it will be),
we'll do more of them. We may price
them a bit higher depending on the
length, the topic, and how long it
takes to prepare the little monsters.
But right now, you have a great
little course waiting for you -- for
five little wampum beads.

Go here to grab it:

Thanks in advance to everyone who
steps up and takes action -- and be
sure to let me know how you like the

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

P.S. Remember to print and save a hard
copy of the course!