The Squats on Roller Skates with Chains and Power Bands Craze

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2. The Squats on Roller Skates with
Chains and Power Bands Craze

As you might imagine, a lot of training
videos pop up in my Facebook feed --
and the other day I saw one that
featured a ton of cool looking and
exotic exercises for the lower body.

It looked like someone had combined
yoga moves, pilates, ice skating,
sprinting, high jumping, hurdling,
savate, and kung fu with barbells,
dumbbells, kettlebells, resistance
bands, wobble boards, stability
balls, tires, chains and Atlas

You moved forward, backward,
sideways, up and down.

You jumped, hopped, skipped,
and ran in place.

You did one-legged stuff and
two-legged stuff.

You twisted your body like a

You didn't do squats on roller skates
with chains and resistance bands,
but you came darn close to it.

I guess the idea was to keep from
missing anything important. You
know, the old "hit the muscles
from all angles thing."

But there was one problem.

One very good exercise was

There were no back squats.

Not squats on roller skates. I'm
talking about real squats.

I mean the basic "bar on the upper
 back, feet on the floor, squat
down, drive back up and be ready
for plenty of puffing, panting and
perspiring" kind of squat. The kind
that Reg Park, John Grimek, Paul
Anderson, Tommy Kono, Norb
Schemansky, John Davis and
Doug Hepburn did.

I guess that's because squats are
too old-fashioned.

They're too basic.

They're last year's news -- or
perhaps last century's news.

Of course, you see lots of other
training videos.

Some feature the strongest men and
women on the planet. World and
Olympic champions, even.

And guess what?

They do squats.

In fact, the really strong men and
women stick to the basics. They
may play around with other stuff
(or they may skip it entirely), but
they put most of their time and
energy into the basics.

There's a reason for that.

The basic exercises have been
building strength and muscle for
a very long time -- and they'll be
building strength and muscle long
after this year's crop of funky new
exercises is long forgotten.

If you're looking for new and exotic
exercises, stop.

Stick to the basics. Train them hard.
Work up to some serious weight. And
give them your all.

You won't believe the results!

As always, thanks for reading and
have a great day. If you train today,
make it a good one!

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

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