The Trouble with Pterodactyl Mail

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

We ship books, courses and DVDs
all around the world, and it works
pretty well.

Readers often write in and say, "I
just got my books. Wow, that was

And I tell them, "That's because we
ship by Pterodactyl Mail."

Pterodactyl Mail has been our mainstay
ever since I began a mail order business
20 years ago (when I published the first
edition of Dinosaur Training).

But there's one problem with it.

Over the years, the cost of international
postage has gone higher and higher. It's
very high right now - so high that it makes
it difficult for many overseas Dinos to afford
our books and courses.

So we've started to move to alternative
ways of publishing and getting our material
to you.

We're still doing hard-copy books and
courses, but we're also doing Kindle
e-book versions of many of them. You
can find links to them on our products
page, under the Kindle E-Books section.

These have been very popular. Many
older Dinos LOVE them because they
can increase the font size to make the
books easier to read. And you can store
a heck of a lot of Kindle e-books in your
Kindle reader.

And, of course, there's no shipping cost
for a Kindle book.

We released the April and May-June issues
of the Dinosaur Files on Kindle, and they
were big hits. (We'll release the July issue
as soon as we get it formatted and loaded.)

We're also releasing many products in
PDF format. Many readers prefer PDF
because they can save them to their
computer, print them off, and save

That gives you an ink on paper
product to hold in your hand and
save for re-reading or collecting -
without any shipping cost.

Our PDF books and courses are
available in a special section on the
products page. Look for "Electronic
PDF Courses" at the bottom of the

Right now, we have all of the Dinosaur
Files monthly issues from December
2015 thru July 2016 in the PDF section.

We also have a special mini-course -
Dinosaur Mini-Course No. 1 - in the PDF
section. It's for older trainees, and it's
a great little course. If you don't have a
copy, I strongly urge you to grab it. It's

Dinosaur Training Secrets, Vol 1, Vol. 2
and Vol. 3 are all available in PDF editions.
And you can even grab all 3 with one push
of the button. That's good, because it leaves
more time for training.

We'll continue to add more Kindle and PDF
products as we move forward. That will allow
everyone to continue to follow what we're
doing and to stay current with the latest
tips and updates from Dino Headquarters.

Anyhow, here's the link to the products
page - with the sections for hard-copy
books and courses, Kindle books and
courses, and PDF books and courses:

As always, thanks for reading, and have
a great day. If you train today, make it
a good one!

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik