The Stand On Your Feet Workout

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

Back in the day, trainees had barbells,
dumbbells and kettlebells.

For many of them, that was all they

It was all that many gyms had, too.

And it was all that anybody needed.

The most popular exercises were
pressing movements.

You stood on your feet and lifted
heavy stuff over your head.

It was simple, easy to learn, and it
built plenty of rugged strength from
head to toe.

It also built plenty of rugged muscle.
Consider this -- John Grimek was the
best developed man of his generation
in the entire world -- and he also was
a weightlifting champion who set an
official American record in the Military

On two occasions he set a WORLD Record
in the press -- but the record was not
submitted to the international lifting
authorities, so it never ended up in
the record books.

But still, he lifted the weight.


That's the kind of strength and power
you build with old-school, stand on
your feet training.

The Dinosaur Military Press and Shoulder
Power Course teaches you how to train
like the old-time champions -- and how
to build plenty of real world, stand on
your feet strength.

It's available in your choice of hard copy or
Kindle e-book -- and it's one of our most
popular courses.

Go here to grab a copy -- and start building
some serious, stand on your feet strength
and power:

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And yes, that's John Grimek on the cover --
because no one is a better example of old
school strength and muscle.

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

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P.S. 3. Thought for the Day: "Nothing beats
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nothing ever will!" - Brooks Kubik