A Quick Tip on Power Rack Training

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

In response to my recent email on
isometric and isometronic training,
one of our readers sent in this

Hi Brooks,

I'm new to your email list. I have
enjoyed the daily topics. The
information is encouraging.

My reply is in regards to isometric
and isometronic training.

In the mid 80's, I was a student at
Oregon State University, working on
my BS in Health and Human

My favorite instructor was J.P. O'Shea.

Dr. O'Shea was a very accomplished
Pan American weightlifter in the 50's,
and the author of many books on
strength development.

He did research on "functional
isometrics." This was barbell
training in a power rack, where
near maximal loads were lifted
from a lower pin and held against
an upper pin for approximately
five seconds. 

The range of motion was only a
couple of inches. 

The position trained was usually
in the range of the least mechanical
advantage of the lift.

I had the privilege of training with
Dr. O'Shea for a 10-12 week cycle
of functional isometric squat training.
I would have to say this was some
of the most mentally challenging
training I have ever done.

I believe I still have a research
paper he wrote on the subject.
I will attempt to locate and pass
on to you if I find it.

Dan Morgan

Thanks for your feedback, Dan. That
method of training is a very good one.
I consider it to be isometronics rather
than isometrics, but the label doesn't

What matters is that it's a very good
way to build some serious strength
and muscle.

I cover this type of rack work - and
many other types of rack work in
Strength, Muscle and Power.

These methods are some of the toughest
and most effective training methods out
there - and for serious trainees, they're
hard to beat.

If you find that research paper, send it on
in - I'd love to see it! I have an autographed
copy of Dr. O'Shea's book, Quantum Strength
Fitness II, and I really enjoy it.

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

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