Never Out of Date, and Never Out of Style!

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

Every so often we clean out the

It's amazing what we find.

There was a big clump of - I'm
not sure what, but I think it came
from the Farmer's Market - a long
time ago - and it got hidden in the
back - and it's way past the "time
to eat" date.

So that goes into the compost bin.

We also found some things from
the local grocery store - with
official freshness dates - and they
were way past the freshness date.

So they went away, too.

But some things in life don't have
an expiration date.

They never go out of date, and they
never go out of style.

They're always effective - they always
work - and they always inspire and
motivate you.

I'm thinking of the four issues of The
Dinosaur Training Quarterly. We released
them in 2015. Four issues. In hard-copy
and in Kindle editions.

Go here to take a look at the table of
contents for each issue:

That link has order buttons for the hard
copy editions.

The hard copy editions include shipping
and handling in the price. If you order two
or more together, we may be able to save
you some clams on shipping and handling.

So if you place an order for two or more,
send an email and ask us to see if we
can bundle them and save you clams
on postage.

If you want to grab the little monsters on
Kindle, go to our products page and follow
the Kindle links for the Dinosaur Files

By the way, I noticed that the link for
issue no. 4 of the quarterly is missing
from the Kindle links - so here it is:

Each issue is solid gold - and the training
tips, workouts and articles are never out
of date!

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik