The Super Pressing Routine that Failed

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

I often get questions from readers who ask
about the latest super program.

Usually it's a high volume workout -- and
often it involves daily training.

"Will it work?" they ask.

In response, let me share a story about a
good friend who used to do a super pressing
program many years ago.

He was a thick-boned mesomorph. What you
would call an easy gainer. And he had been
training for many years, and was very
experienced. If the program worked
for anyone, it should have worked for

He got it directly from a leading expert. It
was a personalized training program. So he
thought it would be pretty good.

It was a special "Bulgarian style" pressing
program where you did a different pressing
movement every single day.

Leave aside the fact that the press was no
longer a part of Olympic weightlifting at this
point in time -- and the Bulgarian weightlifting
team didn't do daily pressing at that point in
time (if they had ever done it).

The super program went like this:

1. You trained six days a week.

2. You did military press in one workout --
incline press in another -- partial presses
in a third workout -- bench press in another
one -- and so on. You did multiple sets of
low to medium reps in all of your exercises.

3. You were supposed to be very sore at
first, but you were told to tough it out and
keep going -- and you were assured that
your muscles would "adapt" to the daily
training very quickly.

The idea was to hit the pressing muscles
from as many different angles as possible.

It was supposed to translate into big gains
in all of the different exercises -- including
the bench press, which was what my friend
was most interested in increasing.

My friend tried it, and got great results --
for a couple of weeks. I remember how he
raved about it. He felt like he had finally
found the answer to big gains.

Then he crashed and burned.

He got so stale he had to take a layoff --
and he ended up WEAKER than when he
started the program.

Amazingly, he tried it again a year later.

Same program.

Same result.

Crash and burn and weaker than when he

But a year later, he tried it again - for a
third time!

And the same thing happened.

And that's the problem with the super

My friend would have done MUCH BETTER
on a "slow-cooking" program that featured
abbreviated workouts and a slow but steady
progression system.

The workouts and progression systems in
Dinosaur Training Secrets, Vol. 3, would
have been ideal for him.

They're not the latest thing, they're not
from Bulgaria, and they're not super duper.

Heck, they're not even super.

But they work.

And that's what counts.

As always, thanks for reading and have a
great day. If you train today, make it a good

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

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sounds too good to be true, it
usually is." -- Brooks