The February Dinosaur Files - With Special Bonus Features!


Hail to the Dinosaurs!
We just released the February issue of The Dinosaur Files in PDF format. We’ll release the Kindle edition as soon as possible – along with (get this) a hard-copy edition printed and shipped to you by Amazon.

That means you can grab The Dinosaur Files in whatever format you prefer: PDF, Kindle or hard-copy.

It’s like barbells, dumbbells and kettlebells. They’re all iron, they all work, and they’re all good – and you can choose whichever one you prefer.


The February issue features something new and exciting for you. We’re going to begin including several bonus items in each issue of the Dinosaur Files. They may be links to short videos, photos, PDF’s or audio Files supplementing and expanding our regular articles.

For example, if I’m talking about how to perform a particular exercise, I may include a link to a short video that shows you exactly what to do and how to do it.

If we’re covering a particular old-time strongman, I may include a link to a short biography of him – or to a rare photo or video of him.

Or I may give you a link to a downloadable workout – or to an old, long forgotten article or training course.

We may even include a short audio-file or a commercial-free, mini-podcast.

The possibilities are endless.

Modern technology let’s us do all of these things – and doing them is going to make the Dinosaur Files even more of a goldmine of training information and iron game history.

The February issue has not one, not two, but THREE special bonuses – and I know you’re going to like them.

It’s more work for us, but it’s well worth it – because it’s our way of saying THANK YOU to our loyal readers around the world.


And speaking of goldmines, check out the Table of Contents for the February issue of the Dinosaur Files:



Something New and Different for You!
            by Brooks Kubik 

Hail to the Dinosaurs!
            by Brooks Kubik

Mesozoic Mail
            by The Dinosaurs

            The World Wide Dinosaur Revolution – Stem cells for Aging Joints? – The Best Place to Train – Welcome Back to the Real World of Training! – Another Vote for Home Gym Training – Dino Dave’s House of Pain – First Things First – Viking Feedback – Interested in Old School Olympic Lifting – When Too Much Exercise Can Be Fatal – A Training Update from Scotland

Jurassic Jottings
            by Brooks Kubik

            Ray Van Cleef’s Treasure Hunt - $8.92 Per Rep – An Amazing Old-School Strongman – Can You Match These Feats of Shoulder Strength? – Sets and Reps for Great Gains – Iron League Updates – Wanted: Feedback from Dinos! – Tommy Kono Visits Muscle Beach – The Strongest Waiter in the World – Dinosaur Training on Instagram! – Grimek and Stanko Were Snackers! – My Search for a New Gym (Part 1) – The Strongest Man in the Midwest – John Grimek’s Secret of a Small Waist – My Search for a New Gym (Part 2) – Harry Paschall’s Favorite Exercise – Shrugs for a Bigger Squat – The Easy Way to Train – The Complete List

The New Dinosaur Dungeon
            by Brooks Kubik

Barbells by Moonlight
            by Brooks Kubik

Build Old School Pulling Power with Tommy Kono
            by Brooks Kubik

Answers to Your Training Questions
            by Brooks Kubik

            Squats, Sore Knees and Programing for an Older Dino – Military Press vs. Push Press: Which Is Better? 

A Simple Fix for Pain-Free and Effective Front Squats
            by Brooks Kubik

The Best Place I Ever Trained
            by the Dinosaurs

My Experience with Abbreviated Training
            by Michael Salvagno

My Training Plan for 2017
            by Peter Yates

Training Injuries and How to Avoid Them
            by Brooks Kubik

The Wrap-Up
            by Brooks Kubik

As you can see, it’s another outstanding issue, filled with terrific training articles and the kind of no-nonsense, old-school approach that you’ve come to expect in each and every issue of The Dinosaur Files!


Go here to grab the February 2017 Dinosaur Files in PDF format with immediate electronic delivery:

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik