10 Good Ones

We have over 25 Dinosaur Training books in the Kindle bookstore. Here are 10 of them.

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

We have more than 25 Dinosaur
Training e-books in the Kindle store,
and readers keep asking me for a
complete list with all the links.

But 25 is too many - the list
would take forever.

So here's 10 of them:

The three-book Dinosaur Training Secrets series has been a huge hit with Dinos around the world. You can order all three with one click of the button in the Kindle bookstore.

 1. Dinosaur Training Secrets, Vol. 1.
"Exercises, Workouts and Training


2. Dinosaur Training Secrets, Vol. 2,
"How Strong Are You?"


This little monster is one of my favorite courses. If you want to make steady gains without hitting any sticking points, this book is for you.
3. Dinosaur Training Secrets, Vol. 3,
"How to Use Old-School Progression
Methods for Fast and Steady Gains in
Strength, Muscle and Power"


Mr. America and Mr. Universe, John Grimek, was every bit as strong as he looked. He military pressed 285 pounds at a bodyweight of 183 pounds.
4. The Training Secrets of John


Old-school trainees specialized in stand-on-your-feet, lift the bar overhead workouts. The Dinosaur Military Press and Shoulder Power Course teaches you how to match their strength, power and development.

 5. The Dinosaur Military Press and
Shoulder Power Course


Doug Hepburn started life with a crippled foot - but ended up becoming one of the strongest men who ever lived. This book gives you the story of his life and lifting - as well as explaining exactly how he trained. And it includes 10 complete training courses.
6. The Doug Hepburn Strength and
Muscle Building System


Squats and steak. Need I say more?

7. Knife, Fork, Muscle, Book 1
(covers protein for strength training --
how much, the best sources of hiqh
quality protein, etc.)


All four issues of The Dinosaur Files Quarterly are available in Kindle editions. Each issue includes tons of great training tips, workouts, and reports from your fellow Dinosaurs.    
8. The Dinosaur Files Quarterly, Vol. 1
(December, 2014)


The Legacy of Iron books give you a behind the scenes look at the legendary champions of the York Barbell Club - including their training. These are some of the most motivational and inspirational books you'll ever read.
9. Legacy of Iron


10. Legacy of Iron 2 - Clouds of


For the rest of the little monsters,
go here for the complete list:


Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

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