A Question from an Older Lifter (Part 3)

The squat stands are resting after some heavy front squats at Dino Headquarters. Note the towels, which I use to hold the bar on my shoulders. At age 60, I'm not as flexible as I used to be - but that doesn't stop me from training!

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

I have some more information about
our 67-year old, life-long lifter who
wants to know a good weight goal
for 10 to 20 rep squats at age 67.

He's been training for 50 or more

He used to bench 390 and squat
300 x 20 - "back in the day." Of
course, that was a long time

He weighs 170 pounds.

The missing piece of information
is what he's doing in the squat
right now. I've asked, but I don't
have the answer yet.

Anyhow, here's my suggestion.

It's based on whatever his
current squat for 10 to 20
reps is.

The reps are the same as what
he's doing now. In other words,
if he's doing 10 reps with 135,
the suggested goal is 150 x 10

Note: I'll list the weights in lbs.,
not kilos.

Current squat - Goal Weight

135 - 150

150 - 170 (bodyweight)

170 - 185

185 - 200

200 - 225

225 - 250

Note: 250 x 10 is about as
high as he can expect to go.
That's a lot of weight for age
67 and 170 pounds. But I'll
add three more progressions
for the younger or heavier
guys to consider.

250 - 275

275 - 300

300 - 315

Now, if you're familiar with an
Olympic barbell that uses pound
plates, you can see what I've

I've based everything on working
from one big plate to two big plates
on each end - and factored in the
plate jumps and the magic numbers.

For example, 135 pounds is the bar
plus two 45 pound plates.

Your next goal after 135 is 150
pounds (a magic number).

From 150 pounds, shoot for 170
pounds (because it's bodyweight,
which makes it another magic

From 170, shoot for 185 - the bar,
a pair of 45 pound plates, and a
pair of 25 pound plates.

From 185 pounds, shoot for 200
pounds (a magic number).

And that's how you set poundage
goals for yourself.

It's how I did it (and still do it) - and
it works great.

Poundage goals are one of the
secrets of big gains. They pull
you forward. So you just learned
something very important.

Hope it helps!

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

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P.S. 2. Thought for the Day:
"You're only young once, but
you can be strong for a very
long time." - Brooks Kubik

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