The Pump Guy

England's Reg Park built the best physique of his generation with old-school, low rep strength and power training.

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

The Pump Guy walked into the
gym wearing a neon-colored
shirt that said "Bury Me Big!"
in bright turquoise letters.

He wore a baseball cap that
was turned backwards. It
said "Dianabol - Breakfast
of Champions."

He wore a pair of enormous
sun glasses to keep from
blinding himself when he
repped out super fast on
the pec dec.

His gym bag brimmed and
bulged with muscle mags,
super supplements, and
extra muscle shirts (just
in case he busted out of
his shirt during his work-

He carefully mixed his pre-
workout drink, and chugged
it down.

It was double chocolate with
raspberry, and was fortified
with 73 herbs, 97 amino acids,
and 17 kinds of seaweed.

You needed serious fuel
for serious training.

He always laughed at anyone
who tried to train without a
pre-workout drink.

He even had a special name
for them:


He put in his ear buds, fired
up his MP3, and started to

He did double insanity pec
pumps for two hours, super-
setted with ultra-mega lat
busters and triple drop set
lateral raises.

He followed these with three
hours of maxi-mega, retro-
gravity peak contraction,
eccentric uni-lateral, six
dimensional German Arm
Blasters and 97 sets of
Himmalayan Hyper Curls
at 6/10 rep speed.

All the Champions did lots
and lots of German Arm
Blasters. He read about it
in the magazines.

He had a special name for
people who didn't do them:


In between sets he chugged
more pre-workout drinks.

"Gotta get my aminos!" he
said to himself.

His favorite Champion just
won the Mr. Gargantua

He got lots of aminos.

The Pump Guy had a special
name for people who didn't
get enough aminos:


When he was finished, he
poured some water on his
head to make it look like he
had broken a sweat, and then
walked to the locker room.

On the way, he walked by the
squat rack.

"What's that?" he asked.

"A towel rack," said the gym

"Right!" said the Pump Guy.
"I knew that!"


Don't be the Pump Guy.

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

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P.S. 3. Thought for the Day:
"Be the guy who says NO to
the muscle mag silliness."
-- Brooks Kubik

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