The Strongest 80-Year Old in the World (Part 2)

Lifting weights is fun at any age - and the older you are, the more fun it is!

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

I thought I'd share some more
info about Wolfgang Sadowski,
the strongest 80-year old in the

I got this info from articles in
German newspapers, which I
translated with a translation
tool. I think it's correct, but if
not, consider it "lost in trans-

He trains three times a week.

His workouts last one hour.

He used to train more when
he was younger, but he finds
needs the rest now.

He lifts a total of 5 tons in
every workout (that's total
tonnage, of course).

In other words, a total of
10,000 pounds.

I'm not sure if that's work
sets only, or if it's all sets,
including warm-ups.

But to put that in perspective,
consider this - based on a
possible workout for a man
who clean and jerks 80 kilos:

Clean and jerk

Bar x 5 = 220 lbs.

Bar plus 5 lb. plates x 5 = 270

Bar plus 5 kilo plates x 5 = 330

Bar plus 10 kilo plates x 3 =
264 lbs.

50 kilos (bar and plates) x 3
= 330 lbs.

55 kilos x 3 = 363 lbs.

60 kilos x 2 = 264 lbs.

65 kilos x 2 = 286 lbs.

70 kilos x 1 = 154 lbs.

75 kilos x 1 = 165 lbs.

80 kilos x 1 - 176 lbs.

TOTAL = 2822 lbs.

So his workout would be 3 or
4 times what I just outlined
for the clean and jerk alone -
which is a heck of a workout
to complete in one hour.

Not many men of any age
could do that, let alone a
man of 80.

After each workout, he has a
big bowl of oatmeal, bananas,
and at least one liter of milk.

He goes to bed at 9:00 every

He wears full sweats when he
trains (a very good idea for all
of us).

He keeps a detailed training
journal (another very good
idea for all of us).

There's more, but I'll save it
for another email.

Here's a video about Wolfgang

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

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P.S. 3. Thought for the Day:

"The guy who says it can't
be done probably never
even tried."

Brooks Kubik


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