60 Minutes of Uninterrupted Focus

World and Olympic Champion John Davis possessed tremendous powers of concentration. In his era, he was hailed as The Strongest Man in the World.

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

The human brain evolved to work
in two very important and distinctly
different ways.

Both were survival mechanisms for
early man,

You either mastered these two skills,
or you perished.

The first was the ability to concentrate
deeply and intently on one task - and
to give it your full focus and attention,
sometimes for long periods of time.

I once read about Eskimo hunters
standing motionless on the ice, spear
at the ready, waiting patiently for a
seal to swim up to an ice-hole next
to the hunter.

Sometimes they waited like that -
silent and motionless - for hours.

But when they seal came, they
acted immediately - or they missed
their dinner.

And too many missed dinners meant
that you died.

I train alone because I can concentrate and focus on what I'm doing.

The second kind of mental skill was
the ability to process a sudden mass
of information that comes flying at
you from many different directions -
and to use it to make split second,
life or death decisions.

Think about a stone-age hunter in
the middle of a stampede of wild

You duck, dodge, spin, weave, dive,
roll, sprint, jump and move - and
every move has to be the right one -
or you die.

Both types of thinking require the
ability to focus and concentrate
deeply and intently, without even
a moment of distraction.

Because for early man, that moment
of distraction often meant his death.

In the modern world, we don't need
to use that sort of concentration and
focus very often.

But we still need to train it.

It helps to keep our brains healthy
and strong - and to keep our nervous
system strong.

And besides - it's fun.

It feels good to focus on something
deeply and intently.

You don't need much for a great workout - but you DO need to train with concentration and focus.

That's why I like to train alone - in
silence - with no distractions - so I
can concentrate and focus on what
I'm doing.

My workouts are 60 minutes of
uninterrupted focus.

And when you train that way, you
accomplish more in one short hour
than most people manage in a year
mindless workouts.

Make that your goal when you

60 minutes of uninterrupted focus.

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

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P.S. 3. Thought for the Day:

"Strength, iron, concentration
and focus."

Brooks Kubik

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