An Old-School Dumbbell Training Secret

Here's an old school training secret that comes to us from Sig Klein and Prof. Attila - and it's great for making your dumbbell workouts harder and more effective than ever before!

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

Yesterday I told you about getting
to see and lift a pair of Sig Klein's
dumbbells at the special strength
clinic in Cincinnati for Iron League

And I promised to share a very
special old-school training secret.

So get ready - because here it is.

The dumbbells are absolute works
of art.

Black metal globes - thin, chrome
plated, brightly polished handles -
and although they're probably 100
to 130 years old, they look and feel
just like new.

They were crafted by master

But here's the thing.

They're not exactly identical.

The weight's the same (as near as
I can tell) - but the balance is a
little different.

Not very much.

Just a little.

But enough to notice after a lifetime
of handling dumbbells of all weights
and shapes and sizes.

The heaviest dumbbells in Klein's
set were the very same - they didn't
have the same balance. We know that
because John Grimek famously tried
to lift them as a young man and was
not able to do so - because of the
balance. (Note: he practiced like
heck, and in two weeks was tossing
them around like nobody's business.)

John Grimek learned about dumbbell pressing at Sig Klein's gym way back in the early 1930's. He used dumbbells for the rest of his life.

 So why would there be beautiful,
hand-crafted dumbbells that don't
quite feel or balance the same?

I mean, who in the world would
want THAT?

After all, it makes them much
harder to lift.

The different balance makes you
concentrate and focus to keep the
two bells in line as you press, curl,
clean or swing them.

It engages more muscle fibers,
and builds more strength than if
the dumbbells were exactly the
same in balance and feel.

In short, it makes them more

As I said - who in the world would
want THAT?

And here's a related question.

Did the master craftsmen who made
these dumbbells craft them so that
they were slightly unbalanced BY
ACCIDENT - or did they do so ON

Did Prof. Attila ASK for dumbbells that
were slightly unbalanced?

Did he KNOW that they would be
harder to lift - and thus, build more
strength and muscle?

We'll never know the answer - but we
DO know that we can use this
principle in our own training.

Tomorrow, I'll tell you how to do it.

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

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P.S. 3. Thought for the Day:

"Pay attention to the little
things. They make a BIG

-Brooks Kubik


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