No New Weight Room for the Raiders!

The outdoor lifting are at Dino Headquarters isn't very fancy - but it gets the job done.

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

Here's a story that Kim Wood shared
at the big strength clinic in Cincinnati
for Iron league members.

This happened back in the glory days
of the Oakland Raiders football team.

The principal owner and general manager
of the team was Al Davis, a legendary,
larger than life figure.

He had his own way of doing things -
and his own very unique take on things.

That included weight rooms.

The Raiders were one of the best teams
in the NFL - and they were serious about
strength training - but their weight room
was a pit.

One year, the Raiders hired a new Strength

He came up with a plan for a modern, state
of the art weight room - just like many of
the other teams had.

All the newest equipment - new paint -
lots of lights - a bright and inviting look.

He went to Al Davis and laid out the plan.

And Al Davis squashed it.

"I don't want a new weight room," he said.
"I want the one we have. It's perfect."

"Weight rooms are supposed to be dark,
dirty, nasty, smelly, places. They're not
supposed to be pretty. They're supposed
to be places where you get tough."

And that was that.

The weight room stayed the way it was.

A pit.

A dump.

A hole in the wall kind of place.

A place that had one purpose and one
purpose only.

It was a place that made you tough.

The lifting platform looks like this when it's dark - and yes, sometimes I train in the dark. You do what you have to do, whenever you have to do it.
 Now, I don't think a weight room has to
be dirty to be good - or to be smelly to
be good - and I suppose it doesn't have
to be dark and nasty.

But it can't be too nice, and it can't be
too pretty - or too comfortable - or too

It needs to be a little bit rough.

A little un-civilized.

A little primordial.

A place where it's you, the Iron and the
Iron Gods.

The indoor lifting area at Dino Headquarters. It's not very fancy here, either - but it does the job.

That's my kind of place - and if you're
reading this, it's probably your kind of
place, as well.

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

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"Basic, simple, serious."

-Brooks Kubik


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