The Craft of Strength Training (Part 2)

John Grimek is featured on the cover of Dinosaur Training Secrets, Vol. 1. Like all old-time champions, Grimek was  a master craftsman when it came to strength training and muscle building.

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

Some people think that strength
training is a science.

Some call it an art.

The other day, it occurred to me
that strength training is a craft.

The dictionary definition of "craft"
goes something like this:

"an activity involving skill in making
things by hand"

Or - even more to the point:

"an art, trade, or occupation
requiring a special skill, especially
manual skill or dexterity"

I got to thinking about this when I
looked at two beautiful globe dumb-
bells on display at the strength clinic
that John and Kim Wood hosted in
Cincinnati two weeks ago.

They were from Sig Klein's gym.

Meaning that Sig Klein owned and
trained with them - along with Harry
Paschall, John Grimek, Steve Stanko,
Steve Reeves and every other top
bodybuilder from the 1920's thru
the 1970's.

Meaning that they had belonged to
Prof. Atilla, the man who discovered
and mentored Eugen Sandow.

Meaning that Sandow trained with

So they're more or less magic.

They were probably made in
Germany back in the 1880's or

They were made by craftsmen -
master metalsmiths.

They were works of art - and they
were fully functional - and in fact,
MORE functional than modern

The dumbbells have unusually long
and thin handles - chromed and
polished and spotless - and big
black iron globes on each end.

The globes are solid.

The dumbbells weigh 40 or 45

The globes have holes in them,
and the dumbbell rod goes
through the holes.

The globes spin on the handles
when you lift the dumbbells.

And they spin fast and freely -
making each movement feel
perfectly smooth - and very
easy on the joints.

It's a much different feel than
a solid iron dumbbell or one of
the modern monstrosities with
the hex rubber weight at the

Those are lifeless.

These dumbbells are alive.

And that's especially true if you
use them for Sig Klein's favorite
dumbbell exercise - the two
dumbbell clean and press for

Think about that for a second.

These dumbbells are PERFECT
for the clean and press.

That's because they were made
by craftsmen - and because Sig
Klein was a master craftsman in
his own right.

He knew how to use his tools
exactly the right way.

There's something else about the
dumbbells that is interesting and
unique - and that makes them
extra-effective strength and
muscle builders.

I'll cover that tomorrow - so be
looking for it.

It's going to give you a virtually
unknown secret of strength and
and development - one that never
occurred to me until I picked up
those magnificent old dumbbells.

And one that I've never seen any-
one else talk about.

So, as I said - be looking for it.

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

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P.S. 2. Thought for the Day:

"Strength training is a blend of
science, art, and craftsmanship -
plus plenty of good, old-fashioned
hard work!"

-Brooks Kubik


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