One More Thing About Sig Klein's Dumbbells

Steve Reeves always trained with total focus and deep concentration. Anything you do to increase your concentration and focus will improve your results enormously.

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2. Sig Klein's Dumbbells

I wanted to mention one more
thing about Sig Klein's dumbbells,
which I saw and lifted at the Iron
League strength clinic in Cincinnati.

The handles are extra long.

And that changes their balance.

It makes them harder to handle.

You have to concentrate and focus
more than you would if you were
handling regular dumbbells.

So you build more strength and
muscle when you use them.

ALSO - the wider handles means
that when you do dead hang cleans,
curls or upright rows, you can start
with your knuckles pressed all the
way against your upper thigh.

With modern dumbbells, you can't
do that - because the plates rest
against your thighs.

So this gives you a slightly greater
range of movement - and allows you
to maintain a slightly better position
when you perform these exercises.

Again, it's a very subtle thing, but
one that makes the exercises better
and more productive.

Of course, this is very easy to
replicate in a home gym. Just make
your own plate-loading dumbbells,
using some one-inch cold rolled
steel bars for your dumbbell handles.

Make them a few inches longer than
regular (modern) dumbbell handles.

You'll feel the difference - and you'll
see the results!

Let me know how this works for
you - and if you get a Dino t-shirt,
be sure to send me a photo that
shows you wearing it - preferably
while doing a Dino workout!

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

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P.S. 3. Thought for the Day:

"You can always tell a true craftsman
by the tools he uses." 

-Brooks Kubik


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