Loud or Quiet? - The Dinos Respond!

The old Dinosaur Dungeon out in the garage was the best place I ever trained. I loved the quiet and the solitude. But some Dinos need to train in a much different environment.

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

One quick note, and then we'll
talk iron.

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2. Heavy Metal or Heavy

Yesterday I asked if you preferred
training in a loud, noisy, high
energy environment - with other
trainees, weights slamming, chalk
flying, loud music, and tons of
"Do it!" chatter from spotters
and training partners.

Or whether you preferred training
alone - in solitude and silence.

Or somewhere in-between.

I got a ton of responses, and here's
some of the data:

24 Dinos said they prefer to train
alone - in solitude - and quiet.

Of these, 7 preferred to train
while listening to some sort of
soft or quiet music or other
background noise, such as:

"chill music"

"soul music from the 60's"

"podcasts on history or philosophy
or intellectual music like Webern
or John Cage"

"instrumental music - no words
or lyrics"

"vinyl records - Johnny Cash"

"low volume Buddhist chants or
classical music"

"soft/ballad rock"

Two Dinos prefer to train alone -
but with loud music. The louder
the better.

But a number of Dinos who train
alone are emphatic about not
training with music on. You want
total and complete silence.

Let me repeat that - total and
utter and complete silence. You
were very clear about it.

Seven Dinos prefer to train in a
loud, high energy environment -
with music varying from "it doesn't
matter" to country to heavy metal
to alt rock.

Several of you like high energy gyms,
with weights dropping and platforms
shaking - but NO MUSIC.

One of you noted that he likes to
train at a gym - but not if people
are shouting. "I hate shouting,"
he said.

Five of you said it doesn't matter -
you can train anywhere, in any
environment, and music or no
music both are fine.

Six of you said that your preference
has changed over the years. In each
case, the change was from loud or
VERY LOUD to quiet.

Some of you went from heavy metal
blasted as loud as possible to no
music and wanting to train in total

Several of you prefer music for cardio
training and silence for strength

Of course, there's no right answer.

But it shows how we're different - and
how what works for one Dino may not
work at all for other Dinos.

It also shows how truly difficult - if not
impossible - it is for some of us to train
in a commercial gym, especially if it
plays the wrong kind of music. We just
can't do it. (I'm one of the ones who
can't do it.)

So think about this - if you're a strength
coach or a gym owner, what do you do?

An interesting question.

Anyhow, THANK YOU to everyone who
shot in a response.

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

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P.S. 2. Thought for the Day

"There's no right way that works
for everyone, but there's a right
way that works best for each of

-Brooks Kubik


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