A Very Good Question!

Strength training is about basic principles - which you can adapt and apply to any kind of equipment - and to your own unique goals, interests and needs.

Hail to the Dinosaurs!

In response to yesterday's email about
Dinosaur Arm Training, I rec'd an
email from Jim DeSantis, an age 62
Dino who's been training for 30 years.

Jim had a very common question, so
I thought I'd cover it in this morning's
email message.

Jim wrote:

Hi Brooks,

I've been training for 30 years. I do
squats and deadlifts, but the rest are
mostly what I guess you'd consider to
be bodybuilding exercises.

I don't do snatches, cleans, jerks and
other Olympic lifting movements.

Does Dinosaur Arm Training involve
any Olympic lifting?

I know that a lot of the exercises you
advocate are Olympic lifting movements
and what I would consider to be "strong
man" lifts, but I think that at age 62 I'm
too old to start doing those types of

Will your arm training course work for

Jim DeSantis

That's a very good question - and a very
common one. For some reason, people
think I want everyone to do Olympic
lifting simply because that's what I like
to do - or to do "strong man" training
because that's what I did in my late 30's
and early 40's.

Over the years, I've done MANY different
types of training: powerlifting, all-dumbbell
workouts, bodyweight training, strong-man
training, Nautilus workouts, "power body-
building", heavy power rack training, and
total-body workouts three times a week the
way Bradley J. Steiner used to teach back in
the 1970's.

They're all good, and they all work.

Right now, at age 61, I prefer doing Olympic
lifting workouts - although (and this is very
important), I do them in a sensible and age-
appropriate fashion, and I follow the basic
principles of abbreviated training and relatively
short, low-volume workouts that I've written
about in virtually all of my books and courses.

But does that mean that YOU should do
Olympic lifting?

Or that you HAVE to do it?

No, not at all.

If you prefer doing squats, deadlifts, and other
basic, compound exercises, then by all means
do them.

The vast majority of older Dinosaurs do basic
compound exercises - or they make basic com-
pound exercises the mainstay of their training

For this reason, my books and courses offer
universal training principles that can be applied
to any kind of workouts you like to do.
And it's why most of my suggested workouts
involve basic, compound exercises rather than
Olympic lifting movements.

Dinosaur Arm Training is a good example.

It includes several excellent total-body work-
outs - but no snatches or cleans other than
very light flip snatches and very light
power clean and press used solely and
exclusively as warm-up exercises.

If you prefer to do something else for a
warm-up, that's fine. A couple of sets of
hyperextensions and some quick push-
ups and deep knee bends (bodyweight
squats) will work just as well.

So, YES - Dinosaur Arm Training will
work great for you - and it doesn't include
any heavy Olympic lifting.






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As always, thanks for reading and have a
great day. If you train today, make it a
good one!

Yours in strength,

Brooks Kubik

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P.S. 3. Thought for the Day:

"Focus on the basic principles of strength
training, and apply them to your own
particular goals and needs."

-- Brooks Kubik


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